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I do not feel that links alone can make a site worthy of viewing. I do think that links to related areas on the web can add to the overall effectiveness and thouroughness of a well constructed site.
With that thought in mind, I have created my links page with the following categories. I intend to continue adding to this page as I find more information related to the topic of vampires. If you have a related site, or know of one that should be listed here, please contact me through the email link at the bottom of this page.

The Links Categories

Fact Related Sites
Medical Sites Related To Vampirism
Blood Related Sites
Mythology Sites
Relevant Online Literature

Fact Related Sites

To the best of my knowledge, these sites deal with the topic of vampires as a fact related issue.

Gothic Educational Services is a site where you can Learn about gargoyles and vampires: How did vampires come about? Much more in our gothic archive.

The Coven Vampyre Organization is an international Vampire organization for the preservation and prosperity of the Vampyre community and culture. The site focuses on vamp community building, providing vamp chatrooms, vamp forums, vamp message discussion boards, hosts an e-mail based vamp discussion list, vamp classified ads and vamp personals section, vamp e-postcards, comprehensive vamp members listings, free web pages and email addresses, and a calendar of Vamp events. Vamp related products, books, music, videos, clothing, jewelry, makeup, custom Vamp prosthetics (fangs, contact lenses, claws), ornaments and furniture. Vamp themed art, literature, music, contests, polls, resources and Role Playing LARPs.

Vampiric Peoples Resource Page contains articles by Amy Krieytaz and links to vampire related sites. Formerly known as the Vampire Research Resource Page.

Holly's Haven Vampire Page contains links to stories, articles, theories, clubs, organizations, and vampire related sites.

DEADEND: Vampires and Occult is a site that serves as an information reference point for vampire theories and folklore as well as links to religion and occult...for you to form your own ideas as what to believe.

These are sites that offer support and community involvement to real vampires.

The Vampire Church is a haven for the true vampire and the vampric life. The Church is a home to bridge the miles between us and a place to share and learn of the experiences of our brethen. For in learning of ourselves, will we know ourselves and find the path that is ours.

The International Vampyre Connection is a network of individuals, social organizations and businesses for which the vampyre/vampire is a metaphor, representing a community interest in fetishism, the Occult, theatrics, art, lore as well as individual & spiritual expression and exploration. The fictional "Vampire Connection" of safehouses and vampire pubs in Anne Rice's novels, comes to life here.

Thee Vampire Guild publishes a magazine entitled Crimson, which features vampire related articles. They also offer t-shirts and other products, and have recently produced a movie entitled Circle Grave.

Vampyre Exchange and Information Network is a service which was set up at the Vamps and Tramps Centenary in Whitby June 1997, to provide information and help to anyone interested in the Gothic and Vampyre genre, whatever your interpretation or understanding of "the Vampyre". Here you can find details of organisations which cater for a variety of interests, locations and sources of "paraphernalia" and listings of events which is regularly updated.

Medical Sites Related to Vampirism
These are medical sites or sites containing medical histories, documentation, or theories pertaining to vampirism.

Porphyria is a type of disease which many doctors and scientists claim may be responsible for a number of vampire legends. There are a number of sites on the web which offer a wide variety of information on this disease.

Medical Realities The main reason real vampirism is not more widely believed is the failure of the general public to understand exactly what the virus which produces the condition actually is, or how it functions. Most people do not understand, or believe, that human DNA can be altered in such a way as to produce such a being.

Vampires: Are they just another rabid beast?

CNN-Neurologist thinks rabies was behind vampire legends

Blood Related Sites

These sites deal with blood and the practices of bloodplay and blood drinking. My hope in adding these links to this site is to offer as much information as possible. Safety is fundamental to survival when engaging in these practices.

The Site That Dripped Blood Blood is the nector that hosts both life and death. The serum carries oxygen and nutrients that supply our cells with the needed energy, while at the same time it breeds the captures of death. Below is a hotlist of some of some of these diseases of mortality and phenomons of life, or shall I say of the living death.

Drinking Blood deals with the religious aspect of drinking blood as it is viewed through the Bible and the Catholic Church.

Blood Sports is a site containing information on blood, bloodplay, knifeplay, bloodsports, asphyxiation, strangulation, breath control, and other subjects.

Safe Bloodletting Techniques The articles in this section are listed for reference only. The techniques described here are very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, and they are not simple to learn. Do not attempt to learn them on your own, without a teacher. I hope soon to have a list of qualified people willing to teach advanced bloodletting techniques to blood-drinkers. Stay tuned.

Blood Fetishists is a site for people for whom blood-drinking and/or bloodletting are either an erotic turn-on or a preferred expression of intimacy/bonding (not necessarily erotic). I distinguish between blood fetishists and two other categories of blood-drinkers: (1) sanguinarians, who have an out-and-out bodily need to drink blood, and (2) blood-drinking psychic vampires, who crave blood as a source of "pranic energy." All these categories do overlap heavily. Those blood fetishists who are not also sanguinarians or psychic vampires are generally not considered "vampires" by the other major categories of self-described vampires, although blood fetishism does have a long history of being called "vampirism" in psychiatric literature, newspaper articles, and nonfiction vampire books. Some blood fetishists call themselves "vampires" while others do not.

Devil Head Industries Vampire art,pictures,poety,links,webrings or anything else a vampire would show the world.(still in the early stages of construction)

Mythology Related Sites
These sites, although not based on fiction, deal with the mythology and folklore of vampires, as opposed to the reality of todays vampiric people.

A Vampyre Site with Cool Graphics, Java applets, Midi Music, Legends of the Undead, Dark Poetry, and Links to other Dark Sites!

Staking Claims: The Vampires Of Folklore And Fiction The folklore of the vampire has only a slight connection with the fiction, much the way the folklore of ghosts has little to do with the movie Ghostbusters. Most people aren't aware that, throughout European history, there have been extensive and detailed accounts of bodies in graveyards being dug up, declared to be vampires, and killed.

Vampire Folklore Resources lists books, biographies, articles, reviews, movies, and other resources related to the vampire topic.

The vampire A to Z is a site which contains A listing of various vampires from around the world which are categorized alphabetically.

Vampire Myths In Fiction A (fairly) comprehensive list of vampire mythology and how those myths apply to popular fiction. Useful for gamers, authors, mythology buffs, or just plain bibliophiles.

Vampires: Origins of the Myth ParaScope correspondent Adrian McGrath's epic overview of vampire legends, myths, and facts. Step into the crypt!


The story of Lilith is fascinating in two respects. first, it tells us that Lilith was the very first vampire. Second, it tells us that because she left Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve, she can not die. For this reason, I have given Lilith her own category on this page.

Lilith Information, pictures and links regarding Lilith, the mythological first wife of Adam, and the feminine dark side of the divine

About Lilith When the time comes for an evil man to die, Lilith appears to him and induces him to sin with her, and during his sin she kills him.

Lilith, Vampire Goddess What is it about the story of Lilith that rings true in some of us.

The Lilith Collection Her name is Lilith -- a "demoness" who preceeded Eve and fought for equality with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Relevant Online Literature

Below are links to online versions of stories, poetry, novels, and miscellaneous articles related to or pertaining to the topic of vampires. I shall try to keep this list as close to chronological as I can, based on publication dates.

In April of 1819, a story was published in The New Monthly Magazine. Authorship of the story was credited to George Gordon sixth Lord Byron, but was later claimed by Dr. John Polidori. The story was entitled The Vampyre and Dr. Polidori confessed that it was based on notes of Lord Byron's and that the lead character was in fact a charicature of Lord Byron. Lord Byron later published his own work based on those same notes. It is interesting to note that Lord Byron's Fragment of a Novel there is no reference to vampires. Despite the Polidori's claim of authorship, and Lord Byron's denial of it, The Vampyre continued to be known as one of the best works of Lord Byron for many years.

The Mortal Immortal was written by Mary Shelly and published in 1833. Although best known for her novel Frankenstein, this Shelly work is worth a reading by the vampire enthusiast.

Varney The Vampire aka Feast Of Blood written by James Malcolm Ryner, is a representative work of the nineteenth century genre known as the Penny Horror. These were short (six to eight page) serials published on a weekly basis and sold for the price of a penny. Varney The Vampire was first announced in 1845 and ran for two years, being published as 109 penny horrors containing 220 chapters. The success of this story led to a stage production in 1846, and the publication of the complete story as a single work in 1847.

Carmilla Written by Joseph Thomas Sheridan La Fanu and first published in 1872 as part of a collection of short stories entitled In A Glass Darkly, this is one of the earliest English vampire stories to feature a female vampire.

Dracula's Guest is an excerpt from the Bram Stoker novel Dracula which was published two years after the author's death in 1914.

If you prefer, you can read the entire novel Dracula, or you can listen to the original Orson Welles radioplay of the book. You must have Realplay to listen to this file.

The Vampire Atheneum is an online collection of vampire book titles and reviews. Thanks to the many visitors who have taken the time to write reviews and add new books to the site, we have grown from our simple beginning in February of '97 to a collection including more than 500 titles.