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The Vampire
Research And Survey Center

Thank you for visiting The Vampire Research and Survey Center (VRSC). My name is Michael Angelus, and I am the creator of this website. I am a writer who is working on a NON-fiction book about real vampires. This website was designed to assist me in gathering information, and has evolved into a resource center for other's who seek relevant information.

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Due to reasons of a personal nature, this site was abandoned for a while. As of today, April 6, 2000 I will be going through and updating. Much of the work I have to do first is to remove dead links... including my old email links. As soon as I get the cobwebs swept out I will be adding new stuff. My eternal apologies to anyone who has been waiting for updates. To be kept up to date on all future changes to the VRSC, please join the VRSC Mailing List.

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Once again, I thank you for visiting The Vampire Research and Survey Center. Please feel free to browse through the whole site, participate in the surveys or message board discussions, or leave your mark in The Ledger of Souls. Visit often to be sure of seeing any new information which I add to the site.

Site Contents

A brief introduction to this site and its purpose. Those of you who visited this site during it's early stages will recognize this as once having been on this page. The continued growth of the VRSC and consequently the contents of this page caused me to move the intro to its own page.

My research survey
A first attempt and a little sloppy. The next one will be more detailed.

Vampires of folklore and mythology
An article concerned with the global abundance of vampire related mythology.

A Globally Recognized Lilith
A continuing investigation into Lilith, the figure commonly believed to be the first wife of Adam, The Queen of demons, and the first Vampire.

Real Vampires, an abridged faq
This remains a work and progress, which I hope to have up soon. I simply need to stop coming up with more questions. If you have a specific question, let me know and I will answer it here, or post it on the Midnight Whispers message board.

Bloodplay, a complete resource
Many thanks to Amy Krieytaz for allowing me to link to her site.

The Shoppes of the VRSC
The VRSC is affiliated with several online businesses and offers a variety of discounted merchandise to our visitors. In our Merchants Corner we have a large selcetion of clothes, housewares, and miscellaneous products at great savings. The VRSC Bookstore offers discounts on all books related to vampirism, and any other subject you can think of.

I have added some new features to the VRSC. Please check out these pages and feel free to add your URL. Although the Top Sites Page is limited to sites with related content, the Free For All Links Page is open to all entries. I intend to add an award for the most visited Top Site soon.
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Midnight Whispers
I have upgraded the message board. The new forum offers me more control of the layout, and allows you to post links to your websites.

Banner Graphics
I have placed some graphics here for people to use who wish to link to my site.

Links to other resources
Updated often as I surf the web and sift through the categories.

Read our Interactive Story and Add Your Own Lines
In a further attempt to pick the brains of visitors to the VRSC, I am asking you to participate in an ongoing story about vampirism. The outcome of this story will be entirely up to you, the visitors, as I will not be contributing to it in any way. Have fun and return to see how the story proceeds.

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