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Campaign Description: Like all the games here, Solo is the story of good versus evil, or at least boils down to superpowered conflict over justice and the law. However, Solo is different in that there’s only one hero, fighting alone in every sense of the word. No backup, no team, no supercomputer, no communications center. Just one man or woman, fighting solo against a city that the law seems to have forgotten. As a result, this game will rely almost wholly on the character, the interest of the story that the player weaves, and the interactions and challenges that the character presents.

Importance of the Player Characters: Paramount. The player character in this campaign is the only hero in Newport City, and as such, he has to be able bend and sway with such heavy demands. The character will be pretty high in power, and as such, so will his villains. Commensurate with that, the scope of the crimes, of the stakes of those crimes, and the repercussions, will grow.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far: Once upon a time, the law mattered. Once upon a time, people weren’t worried about being killed in the streets, shot dead by the mafia or destroyed by the destruction of local landmarks. Once upon a time, living in Newport City didn’t mean you were living in a city horribly rife with crime, with hatred, with death, and with the pains of supercriminal acts. But that was once upon a time, not now.

Now, the tune is quite different. Founded decades ago, Newport City has become a hovel of pain and destitution. It is a place where the police seem to always turn their back, and where the men and women who have power – be it literal or metaphysical – refuse to use it. It is a place where people turn their backs to the dark side of their city, and have done so for so long that the city has no legal safety. No savior.

But things will change now. One hero has put on a costume, picked up his equipment and turned his powers to clean up the city he was born and raised in. Who he is doesn’t matter, any more than why he does what he does. What does matter is that a city, formerly destitute and filled with the crimes of generations and generations of lawless men, is about to be cleaned up, one way or another.

Local Relations: None. In fact, if anything, they’re bad. A lot of very powerful men have their fingers in Newport City’s proverbial pie, and when the appearance of a costumed hero starts to threaten their way of life, the nature of the things they do, they’re not very impressed. The police have been bought, the media has it’s dark proponents, and as such, this campaign is solo in every sense of the word. If the hero can’t do it alone, he can expect that he can’t do it with help.

Morality: Morality is paramount; without it, what’s to keep our hero from sinking to the depths, to the dark pits of crime and lawlessness that have consumed his city? The character must have a sense of right and wrong that dictates what he does. This isn’t to say that he’s a man of absolute law and a stubborn refusal to even cross the road beyond a designated crosswalk. But it is to say that he’s going to do what he has to do for his sense of right and wrong. And if that happens to coincide with the law, then so be it.

Realism: Strong, of course right up until the point when the hero punches the villain through a few blocks of solid concrete, or where the death ray gets targeted on his home from orbital satellites. Realism is subjective, but in this campaign, it’s maintained. Especially in those scenes that deal with the character’s real life.

Outlook: Positive, but with dark moments. Very dark moments, all things considered. Cleaning up Newport City is going to be one of those jobs that never really gets done. There’s always another gang, another mob, another superpowered criminal making his bid and his bend for city wide domination. The character will always press forward, press on, albeit there will be times when it all seems so fruitless.

Seriousness: Very serious. This campaign should have a very realistic look on the world and the way we approach our work. In particular, the campaign will focus heavily on both sides of the hero’s life; when he’s got the costume on, and when he’s trying to keep his identity, his hero life, a secret. That aspect has to be considered.

Continuity: Heavy. The game will espouse the idea of the city being cleaned up, but with so many people vying to "keep it dirty", it’ll be hard for the hero not to develop enemies or – hopefully – allies along the way.

Building a Character for Solo

"You’re on your own on this one."

There’s no team here, so there’s no package deal. But what I’m looking for in the lead – the only role – is a character to fill out some relatively basic presumptions and stereotypes in comic books and the way they’re written. In particular, there’s a few restrictions or considerations that all player characters who are submitted should have, both in concept and in application.

In particular, all submissions must have a secret identity. This is to fill out the part of the story about their personal life, about their efforts and attempts to keep their hero acts and their mundane acts separate, despite the world’s uncanny way of trying to make those two world’s collide.

Also, all submissions must have some mode of transportation beyond walking. Flight is the most common, but swinging, or even a car is fine. As long as they can get from point A to point B would be great. Teleportation, whatever …

As far as the player goes, and the way they approach this campaign, this is actually the most important point. The player must be a dedicated, driven, and introspective writer, who’s interested in exploring the duality of a solo hero career. He or she should be interested in telling the tale that will come of this, and through that, of developing relationships and stories with NPCs. The player and the GM (me) will develop these stories together, through what the player wants. So the player should – nay, must! – be prepared to "come to the table" with ideas about their character, and stories they’d like to see.

But of the submission in general, one of the biggest points is that the submission should be pretty standard, four-color comic book fare. I don’t want to see any aliens, robots, or super intelligent apes. Instead, I’d like to see stereotypes of solo heroes whose comic books have stood the test of time: Superman, Batman, and Spider Man are the three that first come to mind, although there are countless others.

All Solo submissions should follow these guidelines:

Staring Points: 250
Maximum Disadvantages: 150
Maximum Points From One Category of Disadvantages: 60
Maximum Active Points In Any One Power: 70
Special Restrictions:

  • The character must have some special mode of transportation.
  • The character must have Social Limitation: Secret Identity
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