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The Global Guardians PBEM Universe
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The Global Guardians PBEM Universe


The Global Guardians PBEM Universe is a shared-world Superhero PBEM campaign, using the Hero System 5th Edition rules, published by Hero Games.  By "shared world", we mean that, though each campaign is run separately, they all generally take place in the same world, at the same general time.  This is a world in which the heroes of one campaign can interact with the heroes of another quite easily.

The Global Guardians PBEM Universe is a parallel world, quite similar to our own in some ways, and in others very different.  The geography is almost identical.  Life developed along the same lines.  Wars were fought, and nations rose and fell, all like they did in the real world.  Historical events and notable individuals are usually identical to those you find in the real world.  The biggest difference between the Guardians Universe and the real world is the existence of people endowed with powers and abilities far beyond those of common mankind.  And their influence is readily apparent.

The Global Guardians PBEM Universe is as realistic as possible while simultaneously as four-color as possible.  Our aim is to recreate some of the best elements of comic book "reality" in our gameworld while acknowledging that the real world is a pretty neat place as well. 

The Guardians Universe is based on a the spirit and genre of superhero comic books.  You don't have to be familiar with the Hero System rules to play, but it is highly recommended that if you want to participate in a Guardians PBEM campaign, you be familiar with comic books.

How to Get Your Foot Into the Door:
A Short Guide to Make Getting Into a Campaign Easier

When the GM of a game has an opening, he or she will post an announcement to that effect on the Admin List, to which all potential players must be subscribed.  The announcement will either include specific campaign requirements or will point you to where those requirements are here on the website.  If you are interested in joining the campaign, submit a character to the GM directly.  He will then select the character or characters that best meet his or her needs and forward that character or characters to the Senior Auditor.

The Senior Auditor will pass the character on to one of the auditors (or audit the character himself) and correspond with the player to make sure the character fits the standards of the Guardians Universe.

Here are some quick tips to make everything easier.

Get familiar with the material.  Read the background information.  Read all the house rules.  Get to where you're reasonably familiar with both.  No one is going to expect you to remember every detail, but you should go into it knowing what is and is not allowed.  If you have a question regarding something you've read, by all means ask.

When it comes to your character, try and be flexible.  Try to remember that the more detailed a game setting is, the more work you will have to do in order to make your character fit.  The Guardians Universe is an incredibly detailed game setting.  You will have to make the effort if you wish to play, especially considering that the other players fighting for your spot are.  Never expect us to change our requirements to fit you, your preferences, or your character.  This sounds harsh, but actually its just common sense.  The campaigns belong to us, after all, and thus we get to set the requirements for characters.  Also, keep in mind that if you're flexible, you're in a better position than the guy who refuses to change anything about his character when asked.

Be willing to change things regarding your character.  Yes, I know we just said be flexible, but it bears repeating.  We understand that sometimes you are submitting a character who you've been running for ten years and that you want your character to be just so.  But if the auditor says "I need you to do such-and-such to your character" and you say "I'm not changing anything", you won't be allowed to play that character.  Always remember that the auditors reserve the right to ask for changes to your character before it enters play.  Please do not get upset at this, as its not meant to be an inconvenience for you and no one is saying that you have a bad idea for a character.  The creators of the Guardians Universe have specific ideas on what fits and what doesn't fit in their universe, and they get to make these decisions and rules because, after all, its theirs.

Don't be afraid to provide as much detail as you can create.  In fact, overdoing it is probably a good thing.  The more information you can provide about your character, the better.  However, when creating detail, please keep in mind the suggestions about being flexible.

Don't crash and burn.  There are only three rules that will get you kicked out if you violate them, and anyone with the sense God gave a goose already knows not to do any of them in a PBEM.  First, do not behave in a blatantly insulting manner.  Second, do not be excessively argumentative.  Do not be excessively or intentionally annoying.

Character Submission Format

All character submissions should be either in an unformatted Microsoft Word document or in Plain Text format.  "Unformatted" in this sense means no tables, special formatting, no sidebars, no special spacing, and no HTML imbedded in a word document.  Just a plain document.  Either way, please send the submission as an attachment if absolutely possible.

Always remember to include your email address in the submission (and if you send the character submission in two documents, the background and the character sheet, remember to put the player's name and email address into both documents).  Please note that if any of this information is missing, the character will be returned to the player for completion and resubmission.

The first part of the character submission, the background information, is divided up into seven sections:  the Header Information, Background Story, Quote, Quote About Him, Personality, Appearance, and Powers.

  • Header Information: The Header Information is the character's real name, the player's name, the character's affiliation (if any), the character's hair and eye color, the character's height and mass (in meters and kilograms), the character's nationality, and the character's place of birth and age.
  • Background Story: The Background Story describes the character's history and origin.  It should describe how the character became what he is now, where and how he learned his skills and developed his powers.  It should justify his Disadvantages as much as possible.  Please remember to write the history in third person unless you have a very good reason for writing it in first person.  Either way, keep it in third person.
  • Quote and Quote About Him: These quotes should be a sentence or two, and should give a quick insight into the character, both from his own perspective and the perspectives of those who either know or have encountered him.  Try very hard to make sure that the quotes have some zip and excitement to them.
  • Personality: This section covers the character's basic psychological outlook (including all Psychological Limitations).  Explain in this section the character's motivation, and personality quirks, likes and dislikes, and his general philosophy of life.  This section should add depth to your character.
  • Appearance: This section described what the character looks like... everything from his clothing or costume to things like his height, weight, skin color, eye color, and hair color.  Don't forget things like any unusual odors or sounds.  If the character has any Distinctive Features, include them in this description.  Also include information about what his major visible powers look like.  The people who create the character artwork for the website use this section as a guideline, so put as much detail as possible into this section.
  • Powers: In this section, describe the nature of the character's powers and how he uses them.  Explain how his powers work and describe their special effects.  If he has any preferred tactics or power stunts, describe them.  If there are things that he will not do with his powers, name them.  Try to create interesting visual images that set the character apart from others of his genre.

The second part of the character submission, the character sheet, is divided up into nine sections:  the Characteristics, Combat and Roll Information, Powers, Skills, Martial Arts (if applicable), Talents, Perquisites, Disadvantages, and Point Totals. Remember to include the point cost expenditures for everything.

Characteristics: When listing characteristics, please list them in the order of "Cost/Characteristic/Value".  Please do not list the total cost of the characteristics at the end of the Characteristics section.

Combat and Roll Information:  This section includes the character's OCV, DCV, ECV, and Combat Phases, the character's Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Perception, and Ego Rolls, plus his Resistant Defenses and Running Speed.

Powers:  In this section, please list Multipowers first, followed by Elemental Controls, followed by all other powers.  Write the name or special effects of each power, followed by the power type, the dice if applicable, and any adders the power might possess.  Then list any advantages (including the value of each advantage) applicable to the power, followed by the total Active Point cost of the power.  Follow the Active Cost with any limitations (including the value of each limitation) applicable to the power (try to keep advantages and limitations separated).  Lastly, write the Endurance Cost of the power.  For example:
  • Lightning Punch:  Energy Blast 8d6 - Penetrating (+)(60 Active Points); No Range (-)  End Cost: 6.
Skills: List all skills alphabetically.  If the skill has no applicable skill roll, put down "N/A" instead.  If the character possesses a Skill Package, just list the cost of the package, the skills gained by the package, and their applicable skill rolls; do not list the value of each skill.  If the character has paid extra points to increase the value of a skill gained from a package, remove that skill from the package and list it separately, using the extra points paid as the cost.  If the character gains the same skill from two different packages and does not spend any additional points on the skill, list the skill separately with a cost of 0.  Otherwise, never separate the components of a package for any reason.  If the character has a Skill Enhancer (such as Linguist, Jack-of-All-Trades, etc.), list the Enhancer and all applicable skills (except those applicable skills found in Skill Packages) together.

Martial Arts: List the name of the art, followed by the maneuvers the character knows.  Include the OCV and DCV modifiers, the cost of each maneuver, and the effects of each maneuver.  If the martial art is ranged, include the range modifier.  Follow the maneuvers with an alphabetical listing of the associated skills taken by the character, if any.  If the character gains a package bonus, list its value, as well as the total cost of the Martial Arts package. For example:

  • Martial Punch: +2 OCV, +1 DCV, 8d6 Strike
Talents: List all Talents alphabetically.

Perquisites: List all Perquisites alphabetically.

Disadvantages:  List all Disadvantages alphabetically, by type of disadvantage.

Point Totals: List the total cost of the character's Characteristics, the total cost of the character's Powers, Skills, Martial Arts, Talents, and Perquisites, and the overall total cost of the Character.

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