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The Knights of Malta
Gamemaster: David Hart
The Global Guardians PBEM Universe
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Service of the Poor, Protection of the Faith

Campaign Description: The Knights of Malta is a standard game, focused mainly on Rome featuring the official super hero team of the Catholic Church. Its eight members are charged with protecting the Vatican and Rome from harm, a task they have fulfilled with great success for the past five decades.

Importance of the Player Characters: Very Important, while there are other heroes in the world, the player characters are effectively central to everything in this campaign. They are the Catholic Churchís team, and are formed from some of the best and brightest of the faithful.  There will occasionally be crossovers with NPC heroes, as well as possible crossover characters from other campaigns.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far: Following in the wake of World War II, with the use of highly powered humans on either side, the Catholic Church decided to organize and train its own super powered members. The Order of Malta was given this task, and worked quickly and developed a basic training regime that saw any super powered clergy of the Church were able to control their powers.

It was though after Vatican II, which saw several drastic changes in Catholic doctrine including the recognition that other living beings had souls as intelligent great apes seemed to prove, that the Order created an organized team at the behest of Pope Paul VI. Grand Master Angelo de Mojana di Cologna chose the founding members for both their abilities and their faith, and the initial team consisted of Chevalier (Andrew Bertie), Samson, Whirlwind, Leviathan, and Force (Ante Racan).

Over the years the teamís line up has expanded and changed as it members grew older, died, and retired. Andrew Bertie, Chevalier, for instance was named first as Grand Prior of England, and in 1988 was elected as the current Grand Master of the Order. Force, one of the most if not the most powerful telekinetics in the world, is currently working to establish the Prior of Croatia having stepped down from active duty in the late eighties. Samson was killed in a battle with the Blood Red King in 1965 outside the Vatican. Whirlwind and Leviathan both retired from active duty in 1967 to other duties including carrying on the charitable work of Order.

The Knights have always had good coverage in the Roman press, and even through the eighties and nineties have been seen as an effective and respected force of the Church. It is though in the last years of the Papacy of John Paul II that the Order and its Knights have started to really gain international coverage.

The newest development for the team has been the completion of its news base, the Torre di Angelo (Tower of Angels), a beautiful white spire stretching over thirty stories into the air. The Torre not only houses the Knights base at its very peak, over half of its space is dedicated to a hospital thatís at the leading edge of treatment for super humans. In addition kept separate from the hospital floors is a school designed especially for super human children featuring equipment that can stand up to all but the most powerful supers. A point of pride for the Order is that any one, and they do mean any one can come claim treatment from them.

Even today the Knights fulfils the goals set by its founder the Blessed Gerard to perform obsequium pauperum (service of the poor), and tuitio fidei (protection of the Faith).

Local Relations: Relations between the Knights and the Italian people, government and police force has always been solid, very friendly and helpful. Romans have taken the team for the own. Team members going out into Rome are greeted warmly and with open arms, with hardened criminals being the only ones to scorn these heroes.

Morality: There is some cross over between good and evil. Things will not always be black and white. Characters may find themselves making difficult decisions, but should always try to be good guys.

Realism: Depends on how much we need. Action sequences will be cinematic and descriptive. Characters won't die unless they show themselves to be too stupid to live or are going out in a blaze of glory. How you role-play the character will do a great deal to determine the realism of the game, so please put some soul into your characters.

Outlook: In general things will work out for the best in the end, even if there were a few bumps along the way. Most of the time the characters efforts will be rewarded.

Seriousness: This game will focus on serious subjects and adventures. This does not mean that there is no room for humor. Witty repartee, creative use of powers, and the way you play should provide plenty of humor in the midst of even the most dire situation.

Continuity: Adventures will be entirely serial, with the effects from one episode will still be felt in all following episodes. Adventures will move linearly through time. Bad guys will still remember who you are and what you did to them last time. The press will print up your exploits for everyone to see.

Building a Character for the Knights of Malta

The most important thing to consider when constructing a character for this campaign is this: the heroes on this team are not only devout Catholics both lay and religious, but are considered to be role models and standards bearers of Catholic morality as the official team of the Church. Faithful from around the world follow their exploits and other Catholic super heroes are measured against them.

The intent of this campaign to explore the role faith has with comic book super heroes in a city focused campaign with classic comic book sensibilities. While some globe-spanning adventures may take place, the action will be centred on Rome. Classic comic book characters who met the faith requirements will be preferred over edgier or unique concepts.

Character backgrounds should be submitted initially. Based on these, I will select a team and ask for character sheets.

All Knights of Malta characters should follow these guidelines:

  • Starting Points: 200
  • Maximum Disadvantage Points: 150
  • Maximum Points from One Category of Disadvantage: 50
  • Maximum Starting Active Points of Any One Power: 60
  • Special Restrictions:
    • All characters should have some increased movement ability, be it Running, Flying, or Leaping.
    • It is advised that the player make use of all 150 points of disadvantages.
    • All player characters should have either the 20 point Psychological Limitation "Code vs. Killing", or the 20 point Psychological Limit "Will Not Kill".  The 15 point Psychological Limit "Reluctant to Kill" is only acceptable if you can convince the GM that your character cannot possibly exist without it.
    • If the character submission is a conversion from the previous version of the Global Guardians Universe, and the character has any accrued experience points, the character may retain those points.
The Global Guardians PBEM Universe is copyrighted to Jack and Rebecca Butler, and is their solely owned property.  The Global Guardians PBEM Universe, and all of the campaigns therein, are works of collaborative fiction.  All the characters and events portrayed here are either products of the authors' imagination or are used fictitiously.  Except where otherwise specifically noted, the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, all Global Guardians characters, and all stories included therein are Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 by Jack and Rebecca Butler with all rights reserved under International Copyright Convention.  Submitting material (such as but not limited to character submissions, background information, and artwork) for inclusion in the Global Guardians grants Jack and Rebecca Butler the right to use that material as they wish, in perpetuity, within the confines of the Global Guardians Universe. The submitter does not give up the right to use the material in ways unconnected to the Global Guardians Universe.  This website was designed by Jack Butler, and is maintained by Jack Butler. Unless otherwise and specifically noted and with the exception of player characters which are the creations of their respective players, all material on this site is the creation of Jack and Rebecca Butler.  No material on this site may be posted or published elsewhere without the express written permission of Jack and Rebecca Butler.  Champions and the Hero System are registered trademarks of and are copyrighted by Hero Games, Inc.  No challenge to any trademark or copyright is made or implied by this site.
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