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Gamemaster: Brad Becera
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Campaign Description: Majestic is a state sponsored group of heroes that work for the United Kingdom. Majestic has been created to protect the UK and all of itís territories from any threatÖfrom outside, or within. The player characters are heroes. They will fight to protect the public against villains and villainous agencies. The player characters must be good guys capable of working together as a team.

Importance of the Player Characters: Very Important. While there are other heroes in the world, the player characters are effectively central to everything in this campaign. They are responsable for the protection of all British interests. There will occasionally be crossovers with NPC heroes, as well as characters from other campaigns.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far: Majestic was created by Winston Churchill in 1947. Churchillís goal was to create a special group of heroes that could react to and take out any threat to the UK in a moments notice. Qualified candidates went through weeks of physical and mental tests just to get the opportunity to try out for Majestic. If a candidate passed all of the tests and trials, there was one final hurdle to cross, a meeting with Churchill and the mysterious Agent 1. If the candidate passed this final test, he was assigned an agent number and sent immediately to work.

One of Majesticís early missions included capturing pro-Nazi scientists who were trying to find a way to bring Hitler back to life. On an island off the coast of Spain, the team fought through the uber clones of chief scientist Dietrich Grubber to get to their objective, the reformed and sentient brain of Adolph Hitler. Just as the Majestic team thought that the fight was over, Grubber set off the labs self destruct mechanism, which filled the complex with gas and caused a huge, fiery explosion. Sadly, Fey fell to the blast, which resulted in the first Majestic casualty. Her name, along with seven others, adorn The Wall of Fallen Heroes on the Majestic floor of the MI5 building.

Today, Majestic is a special branch of MI5. Itís mission was, and still is, to defend the UK and all of her territories from the threats of super and supernatural threats. The early Majestic members, such as Sir Gawain, Druid, and The Huntsman, still work for Majestic in administrative positions. The person known as Agent 1 is still the executive minister of Majestic. Whether or not he is the original Agent 1 is anyoneís guess.

Local Relations: Majestic has good relations with all countries that are friendly with the UK government. This does not mean that all royal subjects will welcome members of Majestic with open arms. There are separatist groups fighting for independence from the crown, and those of the upper class that want even more power than they have now.

Morality: Majestic is a four-color campaign, and for the most part the morality of the campaign will be four-color as well.  However, there will be some crossover between good and evil, and things will not always be black and white. Characters may find themselves making difficult decisions, but should always try to be good guys.

Realism: Strong, but the heroes won't be expected to make ridiculous efforts and take huge risks to accomplish their goals. In line with the gameís story, the players will have to really make their efforts "flash" so that the characters seem bigger than life.  Action sequences will be cinematic and descriptive. Characters won't die unless they show themselves to be too stupid to live or are going out in a blaze of glory. How you role-play the character will do a great deal to determine the realism of the game, so please put some soul into your characters.

Outlook: Positive, but with dark moments. The team can always beat the badguys, but there are always more criminals willing to step up and take thier place.

Seriousness: The game is going to be fairly serious. This does not mean that there is no room for humor. Witty repartee, creative use of powers, and the way you play should provide plenty of humor in the midst of even the direst situation.

Continuity: The game will be entirely serial. Player actions in one scenario will have effects on later scenarios, and continuity will be enforced. Adventures will move linearly through time, bad guys will remember who you are and what you did to them, and the press will print your exploits for the world to see.

Building a Character for Majestic

Imagine your favorite James Bond movie. Add in aliens, mutants, and magic, and you'd have the Majestic campaign. Characters should be from the UK or one of it's past or presently held territories.  Character backgrounds should be submitted initially.  Based on those, I will select a team lineup and will ask for character sheets.

All Majestic characters should follow these guidelines:

  • Starting Points: 200

  • Maximum Disadvantages: 150

  • Maximum Points From One Category of Disadvantage: 50 
  • Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 60
  • Special Restrictions:
    • It is advised that the player make use of all 150 points of disadvantages.
    • All player characters should have either the 20 point Psychological Limitation "Code vs. Killing", the 20 point Psychological Limit "Will Not Kill" or the 15 point Psychological Limit "Reluctant to Kill" .
    • If the character submission is a conversion from the previous version of the Global Guardians, and the character has any accrued experience points, the character may retain those points.
The Global Guardians PBEM Universe is copyrighted to Jack and Rebecca Butler, and is their solely owned property.  The Global Guardians PBEM Universe, and all of the campaigns therein, are works of collaborative fiction.  All the characters and events portrayed here are either products of the authors' imagination or are used fictitiously.  Except where otherwise specifically noted, the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, all Global Guardians characters, and all stories included therein are Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 by Jack and Rebecca Butler with all rights reserved under International Copyright Convention.  Submitting material (such as but not limited to character submissions, background information, and artwork) for inclusion in the Global Guardians grants Jack and Rebecca Butler the right to use that material as they wish, in perpetuity, within the confines of the Global Guardians Universe. The submitter does not give up the right to use the material in ways unconnected to the Global Guardians Universe.  This website was designed by Jack Butler, and is maintained by Jack Butler. Unless otherwise and specifically noted and with the exception of player characters which are the creations of their respective players, all material on this site is the creation of Jack and Rebecca Butler.  No material on this site may be posted or published elsewhere without the express written permission of Jack and Rebecca Butler.  Champions and the Hero System are registered trademarks of and are copyrighted by Hero Games, Inc.  No challenge to any trademark or copyright is made or implied by this site.
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