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Gamemaster: Jack Butler and Torii Swader

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The Global Guardians PBEM Universe
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Campaign Description: The heroes of Legacy are sidekicks from the late 60’s early 70’s. Though never formally a team, your mentors often worked together to solve larger crimes or stop more powerful menaces to the city. Together, the sidekicks were less of a superhero team and more of a club, or even a family.

The player characters are all grown up now, and all of you lead separate lives. Some of you have kept in touch, others have drifted away. Some are still active as heroes, some gave it up years ago, never thinking you’d return.

The game will be set in Chicago, during 1985, with an occasional flash back sequence to their ‘glory days’ of youth around approximately 1968.

Importance of the Player Characters: Very Important. With a single exception, all of their former mentors are now retired and permanently out of the hero game, or else are deceased. Very few heroes operate in Chicago these days, and those that do are those Player Characters who remained active.  The player characters will eventually become the premiere protectors of the city.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far: In the late 60's, a new wave of hero emerged; the sidekicks and children of the previous wave of heroes that appeared in the middle 50's.  These new young heroes learned and followed the heroic traditions of their mentors.

It didn’t take long for new breed of heroes to seek each other out, and in doing so formed their own team, the Sidekicks.  At first the Sidekicks were nothing more than a club, started by four of the more prominent young teen superheroes of the time. Eventually new members joined, other peers of age and power. With the new members, this club soon became something greater, a team for justice.

During the group's short existence, the bonds of friendship among the Sidekicks grew closer, they became more like a family than a group of friends. As the family grew up, most drifted away, forsaking their costumes, flashy powers and catchy super hero names for careers and relationships and families. Only a couple stayed in ‘The Game’, attempting to forge new identities for themselves, independent of their mentors of years gone by.

It is now 1985, and in the past year, someone has savagely attacked Penumbra (formerly known as Kid Shadow, once considered the heart and soul of the Sidekicks), leaving him comatose. Even worse, Teen Angel, the founder of the original team, was found dead, her family murdered along with her. Now the remaining members of the former Sidekicks must gather together and find out if they are being targeted or if there is something else going on…

Local Relations: The player characters begin the game with no real relationship with law enforcement as a "team", since they do not begin the game as a team. Therefore, the nature of their relationship with law enforcement will be up to them.

Morality: Legacy is a stereotypical four-color campaign, and for the most part the morality of the campaign will be four-color as well. However, there will be some crossover between good and evil, and thing will not always be black and white. Characters will find themselves making difficult decisions, but should always try to be good guys and live up to their heritage as heroes.

Realism: Strong, but not overwhelming. This is still superheroes, even if it is more realistic than some. Characters won't die unless they show themselves to be too stupid to live or are going out in a blaze of glory. How you role-play the character will do a great deal to determine the realism of the game, so please put some soul into your characters.

Outlook: Generally Positive, but with dark moments.  In general things will work out for the best in the end, even if there were a few bumps along the way. Most of the time the characters efforts will be rewarded.

Seriousness: This game is not a comedic look on superheroing. Serious harm can befall the characters, although in the spirit of the comics, it will not usually be permanently fatal. The world around them will be hurt by any serious mistakes, but impact will be minimized in logical ways.

Continuity: The game will be mostly serial. Player actions in one scenario will have effects on later scenarios, and continuity will be enforced. Most adventures will move linearly through time, however an occasional flashback session will occur. Bad guys will remember who you are and what you did to them, and there may be public record of activities.

Building a Character for Legacy

The intent of this campaign is to portray the lives of a close-knit band of heroes, some of whom were up to recently semi-active and retired and who have known each other all their lives.

There will be the occasional story that flashes back to the character’s teen years. Because of this, we are asking each player to provide two versions of the character’s sheet: a teen version, where the character is between 13 and 15 years old, and an adult version where the character is 30 to 32.

The player characters are no longer a part of an active team, and will not be an active team at the start of the campaign. Thus, there is no team package, team vehicle, or team headquarters for the characters to spend points on.

Each of the player characters should have tie-ins to the other player characters, as they were once the closest of childhood friends. It is certainly possible that some of them still are close friends; its just as likely that some of the player characters have found reasons to dislike one another in the years since they were all kids together.

The players need not attempt to account for this character interrelationship in their initial submission (trying to do so would be difficult, since you would not know who your teammates are beforehand. Rather, the players and the GMs will spend a little time after the initial lineup is announced tweaking the character's background and in all likelihood doing some modest rewriting to add elements to the backgrounds that reflect the previously existing relationships between the characters.

If you are unwilling to make needed changes to your characters, please do not bother to submit.

At least one of the seven characters selected will be a full time, currently active (as of 1985) superhero.  Of the rest, up to four can be active or semi-active heroes, while the other three should be either semi-active or retired heroes.  Characters who fall into one of the classic Champions character archetypes will be preferred over characters who are too "unique" to be easily placed within one of the archetypes.

All characters submitted to this campaign should follow these guidelines:

Base Points (Adult):  200
Base Points (Teenager): 100
Maximum Disadvantages (Adult): 150
Maximum Disadvantages (Teenager): 75
Active Point Cap For Any One Power (Adult): 60
Active Point Cap For Any One Power (Teenager): 40
Special Restrictions:

  • No sentient apes, sentient machines, or alien characters will be accepted.
  • No mystics will be accepted.
  • It is suggested that all characters make maximum use of their allowed disadvantage points.
  • All player characters must have at least the 15 point Psychological Limitation: Reluctant to Kill.  Code vs. Killing and Will Not Kill are preferred.
  • All player characters may take up to 75 points of Psychological Limitations.
  • Players should create their character's mentor in some detail, and include a short description/biography of the mentor in their character's background.  A full background and character sheet for the mentor is not necessary at this time, but could possibly be asked for at a later date.
  • Players should submit backgrounds first.  Once the team lineup is decided, modifications to the backgrounds will be made, and then the players will be asked to provide two character sheets for their character.  One will portray the character at the age of 13 to 15, while the other portrays the character at ages between 30 and 32.
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