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The Benefactor
Gamemaster: Britt Hughes
The Global Guardians PBEM Universe
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Campaign Description: The Benefactor campaign follows a team of powerful, world spanning heroes in the Global Guardians Universe. The five members of this team were brought together based on theirs skills and their potential for active superpowers. They were told what they wanted to hear to gain their cooperation. They were aware they were gaining powers but were unaware of the risks. They are seen as a unknown in the superhuman world, a team of heroes in the world with no allegiance to any one nation or person, save the Benefactor. They're the kind of people that want to do good but sometimes that means doing a bad things.

Importance of the Player Characters: Very Important. They are the main focus of the game. Almost all events will revolve around one or more of them for the duration of the game. Small group Missions and solo missions are also a possible scenario.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far: Players do not yet have powers. No codenames are given yet. The game will start with the collection of participants and activation of their meta-gene. The group will then be directed into a team under the direction of  "The Benefactor".  The Benefactor is an unknown person who seems to have unlimited resources and vast technological information. He has used these resources to recruit a personal army to combat the atrocities of the world that most other groups cannot or will not handle. They prevent acts of war and violence before they become a problem for the world. Sometimes it takes a particular small force with extreme firepower. That when he sends in the team.

These people are hired for their particular expertise in their respective fields. These people are given superhuman powers by their exposure to an experimental procedure administered by the Benefactor.  What the volunteers don't know is that the Benefactor is not actually activating anyone's metagene and in fact is careful to select volunteers who lack the gene. He is actually  re-engineering the genetic codes of the volunteers so that they possess certain superpowers.  An unfortunate side effect of the genetic treatment is the shortened life spans of the survivors. Most subjects don't live more than a 2 years once their "metagene" has been activated.

No member of the team is aware of this, and the Benefactor is careful to conceal it from them.

The team travel around in a mobile base; a submarine called 'Leviathan' and have access to a lot of resources themselves. While not in command of the ship, they do hold a lot of sway as to what goes on in the ship. The Ship is home to small town of people who are there for the purpose of protecting the sub and its cargo.

Local Relations: As this is a world spanning group relations will be varied. The Benefactor has contacts and can add some positive response as well as negative depending on his relation with the locals. As the group will also have no country affiliation and be doing things other teams cannot or will not do, they may have some negative response from other groups that are viewed as heroes.

Morality: The Benefactor is a  four-color campaign, and for the most part the morality of the campaign will be four-color.  However, there will be some crossover between good and evil, and things will not always be black and white. Characters may find themselves making difficult decisions, but should always try to be good guys.

Realism: Fairly Strong. Characters won't die during play unless they show themselves to be too stupid to live or are going out in a blaze of glory. If the player leaves then I reserve the right to have the character played by someone else or have him die in game and be replaced by the Benefactor. How you role-play the character will do a great deal to determine the realism of the game.

Outlook: Positive, but sometimes it will look bleak. The characters are the good guys and will win unless they sacrifice themselves and even so some deaths are reversible. Gray areas do exist and the characters should not take things for granted.

Seriousness: The game is going to be serious and the storylines will reflect this. This does not mean that there is no room for humor. Witty repartee, creative use of powers, and the way you play should provide plenty of humor in the midst of even the direst situation.

Continuity: The game will be entirely serial. Player actions in one scenario will have effects on later scenarios, and continuity will be enforced. Adventures will move linearly through time, bad guys will remember who you are and what you did to them, and the press will print your exploits for the world to see.

Building a Character for The Benefactor

The heroes on this team are considered the 'black sheep' of the superhuman world.  While most superheroes have fans who mob them and ask for autographs all the time, this is the team that gets no credit for what they do. Glory seekers need not apply. The people on this team are NOT role models and legends, but were chosen because they get the job done with the most discretion as possible. Please remember this when submitting your character.

Character backgrounds will need to be submitted first.  Based on those, the GM will select a team lineup. Then Character sheets will be requested.

All characters of The Benefactor campaign should follow these guidelines:

  • Starting Points: 0

  • Maximum Disadvantages: 150

  • Maximum Points From One Category of Disadvantage: 50 
  • Special Restrictions:
  • No powers are bought at this time. 200 points in powers will be predetermined and assigned to characters. All characters should be normal with normal Stats, Skills, Talents, and Perks only. 
  • All characters must be meta-gene negative, but unaware of this fact.
  • All characters should be an expert in some field that would benefit the team aboard a submarine. They should have skills to represent this both in variety and level. 
  • It is advised that the player make use of all 150 points of disadvantages.
  • All player characters should be opposed to killing but it is not required. They are however heroes and would only be acceptable if you can convince the GM that your character should have it.
  • If the character submission is a conversion from the previous version of the Global Guardians, unfortunately won't work in this game as the game starts with no powers.
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Samantha Brown
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