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Gamemaster: Chris Foster
The Global Guardians PBEM Universe
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Campaign Description: Ascension is a story about a group coming together out of various individuals, and making their way through the world.  There is no pre-formed team in Ascension, and therefore no team name. The player characters will be coming together for the first time and making up the rules as they go along.

Importance of the Player Characters: While the players are not the greatest superhero team in the world, their impact on the local Dallas area will be significant.

World Description: The Global Guardians Universe is a four-color comic book world full of larger than life characters.  Technology is more advanced that the real world, and magic is real.  Aliens and creatures of legend roam the earth.

The Story So Far: Despite its size as a booming metroplex, the city of Dallas and the surrounding neighbors has never had an official superhero team. This role has been filled, more or less, by various individual superheroes over the years. The latest city protector, Warhawk, retired ten years ago, and has been quietly training his successor. You.

Local Relations: The campaign focus is on the formation of a team where there has been none before. The characters' actions will determine their relations with local authorities.

Morality: Ascension is intended to be a mostly four-color campaign, focusing as much on the interplay of the characters' real lives as their costumed identities. There will be some moral issues the characters will face that are not always black and white, forcing the characters to decide for themselves what being a hero really means.

Realism: The campaign will be more realistic than comic book, as actions of the characters have their repercussions both positive and negative. The more life the players breathe into the characters, the more reality the story will have.

Outlook: The players are the heroes of the story, and things are supposed to work out well for them, but this will depend on their own actions. Characters are not likely to be killed except for extreme stupidity or planned Blaze of Glory exits.

Seriousness: The world itself is serious and does not devolve into cartoonish sillyness. The drama, humor and entertainment is solely in the hands of the player characters.

Continuity: The game is entirely serial, as the actions of the characters will determine what happens to them in the future.

Building a Character for Ascension

All characters in the Ascension campaign must be built along the following guidelines:

Starting Points: 200
Maximum Disadvantages: 150
Maximum Points from One Category of Disadvantages: 60
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 60
Special Restrictions:

  • Characters need not take a Psychological Limitation that deals with the use of lethal force, though no wanton killers will be accepted.
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