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2000, Dir. Bam Margera

Bam Margera, Brandon DeCamillo, other assorted nincompoops


Back in high school, did you ever videotape you and your friends doing stupid shit? CKY2K is just that; a skate, stunt, and prank movie by skater and Jackass costar Bam Margera, except he and his buddies had a lot more money to waste than you and your friends did.

The association of this tape with MTV's Jackass series will probably make Bam Margera a shitload of money. That's too bad, because as subhuman as Jackass is, CKY2K doesn't even have a smidgen of that shows appeal. How many times can you show someone jumping off of a real tall thing? Or falling down? Who needs to see Bam Margera forcing his overweight father to do pushups? Or Bam and his friends acting retarded in front of his mother? Or people doing real cruel shit to their friends such as waking them up by smearing shit on their faces or pissing on them?

The skate segments in this film are pretty impressive, if you're into that sort of thing. While I can appreciate their talent, I'd still rather watch wipeout videos (skate accidents are the most horrific of any sports mishap). Despite their impressiveness, I'm sure it's nothing you can't see on a million other skate tapes. And there are a couple good wipeouts, including one in which Bam gets half of his face scraped off. But skate fiends shouldn't have to sit through the rest of the inanity present here to see a few stunts.

The attempts at skits here are awful. A mocking look at white trash living to the tune of Korn's version of "Earache My Eye" goes absolutely nowhere, and a skit called "More Fat Fuck Shit" leads up to another fall down the stairs stunt that we all know is coming. There are fleeting absurdist comic moments in the baseball sketch like the mock French discussion and the seemingly random appearance of a naked man playing outfield, but they are quickly replaced by the guys beating on each other.

The pranks and stunts are just stupid, and nothing you haven't seen on Jackass a million times. They pretend to play football on the street, waiting until a car comes by to punt at it. Ooh. Someone jumps off the roof of a moving van into a snowbank. Aah. Someone jumps off the roof of a house into a swimming pool. Ooh again. Wearing a pair of size 60 pants and stuffing them full if bubble wrap to do skate tricks. Aah again.

The boys don't restrict themselves to America, they hit Iceland and France with their inane brand of stupidity. Some out of place nature footage and screwing around with rental cars and locals are about all these sequences have to offer. That and a sense that these are just stupid kids spending some skate company's money.

IN CLOSING: I'll admit that Jackass gives me the occasional laugh. A guy in a full football uniform running through a fast food drive-thru to take the "handoff" is funny. A guy sitting in his parent's (probably) SUV and berating fast food employees isn't. This is just a random collection of stupid people doing stupid things while wasting other people's money. If you're into skating, just buy a skate tape and stay the hell away from CKY2K.