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Quote of the week: "There is no quote of the week."Every other city we go, every other video, no matter where I go, I SEE THE SAME HO!" -Tupac Shakur, All About You
This page tries to be updated often!

flare.gif (5163 bytes)MUSIC- bands, pictures, concert stories,reviews, lyrics, and various other treats.

flare.gif (5163 bytes)PICTURES - This area has many sections of pictures including the infamous "CRAZY PICTURE GALLERY and pictures of myself!

flare.gif (5163 bytes)"ACTIVITIES" poltical aspects of my life.

flare.gif (5163 bytes)LINKS   Link List  Links from great Punk RAWK bands,, poop, vomit, my homies pages, punk pages, politcal activist pages,  and more!! 100's of links !UPDATED!

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The link works now!

flare.gif (5163 bytes) GUESTBOOK sign it please... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY GUESTBOOK????????
CONTACT/EMAIL/TALK TO   ME (please? it's for a punk!)

flare.gif (5163 bytes)STUFF- "Stuff" that is good, bad, and needed. UPDATED!!

rotor1.gif (521 bytes)Miscellaneous old stuff I "used to have" on my page, complaints, and a lot more, stuff that doesn't fall under "stuff" and a "shout out to my homies,"          how to spike hair....

rotor1.gif (521 bytes)QUOTES from musicians, authors, comedian, important songs, and my friends REDONE!
rotor1.gif (521 bytes)WEB RINGS -All of the web rings I am on (Ring of Punk, Deviant Punk, Punk Universe,  Anti-Nike, etc.)

flare.gif (5163 bytes)ABOUT ME  My Thoughts   Favorite Stuff, AND PICTURES OF Me and my friends

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MY MANIFESTO (REVISED!!!, AGAIN!as of 9/23/00)

*Basically, if anyone wants to use something from my page it is free for grabbing, as long as you credit the person who wrote it when it comes to stories. Oh, and by the way... this is the first webpage I have ever made so... any questions, read the disclaimer or the letter to the reader located at the bottom of this page.

Last updated 9-23-00or someday like that. This page tries to get updated.

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This Page doesn't support sweatshops!
"LETTer to the Reader"              

"People rely on artists for the truth far more than they rely on politicians." -Jello Biafra