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        This section is on.. ME!!

            I decided to write this webpage because I like punk music a lot... and I want to express my great thoughts and opinions to the world. Read my manifesto to learn my background on punk music.

        I live in a suburb of St. Louis. It could be worse. A few people know of the kind of punk music I like, but that's ok. It used to drive me nuts that no one else knew about punk, etc. It was stupid. I felt sorry for myself and became a huge cliche of a punk, chains, spiked hair, etc. Not that there is anythign wrong with that, one bit! It's just, well, stereotypically. I'm not about being a stereotype, I'm about being me, not a stupid cliche punk.
      It doesn't bother me a whole lot that most people don't like punk music or even know what it is; that is what makes it special for me and everyone else who does like punk music.
    How silly some people are. Things that bother me is when people don't try new things. CLose minded, etc. Granted the Backstreetboys suck, yes, but that doesnt mean all pop music has to suck. It just happens to work that way though.
     Things are so confusing!!! Why can't people just not care what other people think? Is it really that important when you go to Wal-Mart to care about what the people shopping at Wal-Mart think about you?  Are you ever going to see them again? Probably not.  It isn't like their opinion of you is really ever going to matter... The only thing that does matter is your opinion of yourself.
      It took me along time to get to that point... I finally realized it though.  Sometimes I care what people think of me, then I just ask myself "why?" and it doesn't matter.  I am not saying I give up personal hygiene or wear the same clothes everywhere... I care about what I look like as much as I care, not as much as other people care. If you agree or disagree with me and want to tell me why, email me.

    I used to be a full blown punk, head to toe in stereotypically punkwear. I had the colored hair, spikes, casualities shirt, plaid pants, chains. But see, trying to be different in that sense I ended up looking like every other cliche punk in the world. If thats how someone wants to dress, that is fine for them. If they try to hard to be different... and really end up being the same... is it worth it? To me, no. I dress however i want to. Some days I'll wear a dress. Others jeans and a t-shirt (although I only have one pair of jeans which is sad.) My best friend KRISTEN and I used to have "themed" days all the time- such as "anti-grateful dead day" or "grunge revival day" and we dress liek that. But somedays, Ill have an old skool Lacy day and wear plaid pants or a ramones shirt. Its all about KEEPIN IT REAL! (can u tell i am around people who listen to rap alot or what?)

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