My Nickname(s): "Spacy Lacy" ( My real name is Lacy) , "Punk Kid" (by dad... and various other people I have never met... especially in public places), "Billy Idol "(because my hair used to be bleached blonde and when I woke up I looked like Billy Idol),"Sid" (because my hair used to be black and when i woke up I looked like Sid Vicious), and "Jocko", from Kristen, because of my love for P.E. class., and the "Pink Haired Mexican." because i got quite tan from being outside during p.e. class, and it was during the period when I  dyed my hair neon pink.
I wore a Crass shirt one day, and a friend of mine dubbed me "Crasshole"

Color(s) Orange, and green
Item of Clothing My grandma bought me an old Orange London Fog from the 70's at Salvation Army, she also bought me a blue childrens shirt that is very tight( physically!) and says "Mid-Illinois Jets Gymnastics Academy." I am quite fond of that, as well.
Store Salvation Army or Walgreens
Restaurant White Castle, or Taco Bell
Food Pancakes or green grapes
Band I like punk music. All time favorite is probably Dead Kennedys

Thing(s) to do: Listen to Punk Music!!! That is basically all I EVER do... and dream of making this webpage...

. I have dyed my hair many different colors. I have dyed my hair orange two times, yellow about 7 times ( I used to really like yellow hair), bleached it..., maroon, dark purple, strawberry blonde, neon RED, black, neon pink, some sort of orange melon creation, blue, purple, dark blue... basically every color except... green. But, Now Im "KEEPIN' IT REAL" too many people have copied off of me and dyed their hair colors and what not, and spiked it. So I let it grow out to it's natrual deep brownish reddish blackish thing and its "all good."

Of course I have other favorite stuff, but I dont want to list it all because that is just boring.  If you have a question about it, email me.

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