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The X-Card

... the ultimate e-currency card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have an e-currency account (i.e. e-gold or evocash) to order your anonymous ATM card? No.

2. How do I order a card?
First you will forward $149 ($179 if outside the U.S.) to X-Cards per the instructions listed on this website (CLICK HERE). This is a one-time, non-refundable fee. Then follow the link to the card ordering form.   Finally, fill out the order form and submit.  You will have your anonymous ATM card in your hands in just a matter of days.

3. How can I add funds to my card?
Forward your funds to X-Cards per the instructions listed on this website (CLICK HERE).

4. Can I fund my X-Card with E-Gold or Evocash?
Yes.  You can fund your card via money order, cashier’s check, bank wire, E-Gold, Evocash, Osgold and E-Bullion.

5. How long does it take to transfer funds to my card once I submit payment to X-Cards?
Approximately 48 hours AFTER your funding transfer has been received and processed, depending on what time of day you submitted it and what day of the week.  This figure does not include weekends or holidays.

6. Can I order more than one card?
Absolutely, just follow the instructions, you only have to fill out the order form once, making note of the amount already forwarded (for example, 3 cards to be shipped to a U.S. address would total $447, there is no reduction of price per card).  

7. When I try to order a card I get an error message?
You must fill in all fields, if a field does not apply to you, write NONE.  If you are receiving an error message when you submit the form, please send us an email with the details.

8. Who actually funds my card (X-Changers or X-Cards)?
X-Changers will actually fund your card upon receipt of our funding order.  X-Cards, Ltd. is solely responsible for receiving and then processing your card funding requests through X-Changers.  All customer service inquiries or problems related to your X-Card must be directed to X-Cards, Ltd. at:
Click here to CONTACT US

9. How do I refer my friends?
When you order your X-Card, insert your EVOcash account number in the space provided at the bottom of the order form.  X-Cards, Ltd. needs this so you can refer your friends.  Just have them put your EVOcash number in the field for Referrer on the order form. Or you can have them go to this page (cut and paste and put your EVOcash account number where we have the 12345):

10. Will my name be on the ATM card and how do I know my information will be kept anonymous?
Only the card number appears on the X-Card.  Privacy and confidentiality are the pillars upon which X-Cards, Ltd. was founded.  Only X-Cards, Ltd. has access to your card number and referral/commission bonuses.  Not even X-Changers has access to this sensitive information.

11. How do I become eligible to receive commission payments when people I have referred fund their cards?
Your referrer ID (your EVOcash account number) is linked to their card in our database.  Whenever funds are transferred to their card, your percentage is transferred to your EVOcash account.  You must have an EVOcash account to take advantage of this opportunity.

12. When and how do I receive referral and/or commission payments?
Referral and commission payouts are immediate – at the same time that we process the card order or the funding request, we credit your EVOcash account.  We do not hold your referral or commission payments – we give them to you immediately.

13. Where can I use my ATM card?
At any ATM and point of sale device that accepts CIRRUS ATM cards.    

14. How much money can I have on my ATM card and how much can I withdraw at a time?
There is no limit to the amount of funds you can have on your card or to the amount you can withdraw on a daily basis.

15. What are the charges for funding my card?
To fund your card there is a fee of 3.5%.  This fee pays for the administration of the X-Card program, referral fees and bonuses.

16. I have an EVOcash account and want to transfer funds from my EVOcash account to my X-Card.  Do I incur EVOcash's standard 1.8% fee plus X-Card's 3.5%?
No, you do not, there is only the 3.5% fee, plus the $1.00 transfer charge to transfer funds to our Evocash account.

17. What role does X-Changers play with the X-Card?
X-Changers makes the anonymous ATM cards available to X-Cards, Ltd as well as shipping and funding the ATM cards upon our request.   X-Changers has determined that we were sufficiently professional in operation to form an association with them to provide the X-Card as a benefit for their clients.  We promise to offer the same customer service level you have come to expect from X-Changers.

18. Why do you ship via FedEx?
We have found that FedEx is unmatched in its consistent quality of service compared to other providers. 

19. What are the charges to transfer funds to my X-Card from my E-Gold account?
The same 3.5% is charged for E-Gold, Osgold, EVOcash, E-Bullion, etc. 

20. What does the issuing bank charge to pull money off the card?
The bank has a nominal charge of 1.5% per transaction, with a minimum charge of $3.00.

21. Can you give an example of how the 3.5% transfer fee and the 1.5% bank fees work?
There is a 3.5% fee to transfer funds to your card and the bank charges 1.5% ($3 minimum) for any withdrawal you make at the ATM.  For example, if you transfer $300 to your card, the actual balance on the card is $289.50 ($300 minus 3.5%).  If, from this balance, you withdraw $100, the bank will give you the $100 and there will be a $3.00 bank fee, leaving you a balance of $186.50.  Another example, if you have that original balance of $289.50 on your card and you withdraw $280, your balance will be $5.30 (the bank charged you 1.5% ($4.20) of the $280 withdrawal). This does not include the $1 that Evocash charges to transfer funds from your account to ours, or any similar fee that any of the e-currencies charge to transfer funds between accounts.

22. What limitations are there for me to market the X-Card (for my referral income)?
You may ‘market’ the X-Card, via email, your own webpage referencing our webpage, or by word of mouth.  Be sure to mention your EVOcash account number to anyone you personally know.  We do not tolerate SPAM or any activity that would be considered rude, obnoxious or illegal by anyone.  We will terminate your X-Card account for such activity.  See FAQ #9.

23. How soon do I get my referral fees?
At the same time that we process the card order, we credit your EVOcash with your referral amount.  Usually this is within 24 hours of the order, except weekends and holidays.  

24. Can I refer others if I do not have an X-Card yet?
Yes, you can refer others, simply have them put your EVOcash account number in our order form where it asks for the referrer ID#. You cannot refer yourself.  See FAQ #9.

25. What if I lose my ATM card?
You must contact us immediately so that we can cancel your card. It can be replaced for $50.

26. How do I keep track of my card balance, or access it?
X-Cards is researching being able to provide you your card balance, however, at the present time, we cannot do so.  When you order your card, we provide you with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that we have developed that will keep track of your card balance for you. The spreadsheet can be downloaded from  We cannot provide you a card account statement at this time.

27. Where is X-Cards located?
X-Cards, Ltd. is not a U.S. based organization.  

28. What do you mean regarding 48 hours to fund the card?
Your card should be funded (unless there are unusual circumstances beyond our control) within 48 hours of you receiving the funding confirmation email from us after you have transferred funds.  We notify the bank of a day's transfers shortly after midnight GMT and the bank processes those that morning at the start of business (except on weekends).  As an example, lets say you transfer funds on Sunday morning.  You would receive a confirmation email Monday AM and you should expect to be able to withdraw those funds as of Wednesday. Within approximately 48 hours of our confirmation email, you should be able to withdraw funds. Another example, if you were to transfer funds on a Thursday evening, your funds may be available as early as Tuesday of the next week (depending upon your time zone in comparison to the bank's time zone). If you did a transfer on Friday, it would not actually be processed by the bank until Monday morning and be available as of Wednesday morning.  Yes, oftentimes you will find that the funds are on the card within 24 hours of the confirmation email, but we quote 48 hours to ensure that you are not disappointed when you do go to the ATM.

29. When can it take over 48-hours from the email confirmation?
Only if there has been a problem with the bank would there be a delay of over 48-hours from when we send the email confirmation.  If the funds are not on your account after 48-hours from the confirmation email, send us an email or fill out our online form.  We cannot control or be responsible for delays caused by Parex Bank.

30. I already have a Cirrus card from Parex Bank, can I transfer funds from my accounts to that card?
Yes, we wish to help our customers with this issue.  We will add your card to our database for a $25 administration fee and then you will be able to transfer funds to the card using our funding page. To get set up, send the $25 just as if you were ordering a card (transfer funds first to our account), then fill out the card order form, put your entire 16 digit card number in the memo field AND YOUR 10 DIGIT CARD ACCOUNT NUMBER IN THE MEMO FIELD in our order form and submit.  There is no referral fee for this option.

31. Where can I use my card?
You can use your card all over the world at over 450,000 ATMs that take the Cirrus card, check here for your location:

32. What daily / account limits are there on the X-Card?
As far as we know and have experienced, there are no limits as to the amount of funds you can have on your card, and you can withdraw up to the total amount in your card account daily.

33. Can I transfer funds that I have on my X-Card back to Evocash or E-Gold?
No. It is a one-way transfer into the card.  Once the funds are on the card, the only way to access them is via an ATM.

34. What suggestions do you have in regard to day-to-day use of my X-Card?
When transferring funds to your X-Card, remember to follow the procedures, especially what needs to be in the transfer memo field and in what order:
(1) Transfer the funds to account 16091.
(2) Be sure  to put your 8-digit card number* in the transfer's memo field followed by your email address (and 16091 if sending from E-Gold, E-Bullion or Osgold). Example:  1234-5678,
(3) Your card should be funded within 48 hours from the time we send you a confirmation email (not including weekends or holidays).
(4) when using the ATM, if it asks, you are withdrawing funds from CHECKING.
* On your card there is a 10-digit number and below that is 2 groups of 4-digits.  The 2 groups of 4-digits is your 8-digit card number that we need, example: 1234 5678 = 1234-5678 (your 8-digit card number).

35. What are the monthly maintenance fees?
None.  There is no monthly fee.  The annual renewal fee is only $99.00.  

36. Is there a minimum and maximum that I can transfer to my X-Card?
Yes.  The minimum you can transfer is $25, there is no maximum.  

37. What is the exchange rate for the card for England?
We do not set the exchange rate.  Whatever ATM/Bank you are using, utilizes the current conversion rate that day and applies it to your withdrawal.  If you use our spreadsheet (which is in US dollars) to keep track of your card balance, you may want to visit Personal Currency Assistant for a rough estimate of the US dollar equivalent you withdrew from the ATM.

38. What is the issuing bank for the X-Card?
Parex Bank in Latvia.

39. How do I get the card's PIN, can I choose it and do you know it?
The PIN will be inside a 3'x4' piece of white paper that comes with the X-Card when it is shipped to you (so don't throw the package away).  It is fixed and cannot be changed.  Neither we nor
Parex Bank know the PIN and cannot get it for you.

40. If I lose my card, what is the cost to replace it?
The cost to replace the card is $50, no matter the reason for replacement, including lost PIN, lost card, destroyed card, etc.

41. Do you plan on being able to check our card balance on the Internet?
We have been advised by Parex Bank that they are working on an online card account balance system and they expect it to be available possibly as early as March, 2002.

42. Can I transfer Euros to the card or send you a check in British Pounds?
No, all transactions must be in U.S. dollars.

43. Got a question we didn't answer?
Click here to CONTACT US