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The X-Card

... the ultimate e-currency card

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What if...
What if you could transfer funds from any of your bank accounts or e-currency accounts to your totally anonymous ATM card, faster and easier than anyone else?  You can!  With your new X-CARD you can move funds from any of your existing bank accounts or e-currency accounts, such as E-Gold, EVOcash, Osgold, E-Bullion, etc.!

What if you could convert your e-currencies to cold hard cash in about 48 hours?
  You can! Its easy, quick and inexpensive with the new X-CARD! Fund your card easily, anywhere in the world from your EVOcash, E-Gold, Osgold, E-Bullion, or other accounts... then look for an ATM!

What if you could access this cash anonymously at over 450,000 locations around the world? 
You can! The X-CARD is usable everywhere, anytime! Since the issuing bank doesn't require your ID and there isn't a name on the card (you're the only one who knows your secret ATM code), you'll be able to, "mind your own business!" For locations near you, see:

What if you could get the X-CARD, the ultimate anonymous ATM card in your hands, sent to you by FedEx delivery, easier than anyone else? 
You can! In agreement with X-Changers, we are providing the X-CARD for only $149 (other companies sell similar cards, without our referral/residual income opportunity, from $250 to $1,000 for only the card), plus X-Changers has the financial structure established to provide you the customer service that other companies do not have and cannot provide.

What if you could tell your friends and associates about the new X-CARD and make money doing it?  You can! With the X-CARD Referral Program! For every person you refer you receive $10 into your EVOcash account! By having them mention your member ID# on the order form - its that easy. 

What if you could make even more money - every time your friends use their X-CARD ATM card?  You Can!  You will receive .5% of the value of any funds transferred from their various accounts onto their X-Cards, every time.

What if you could earn interest on your referral fees and your residual income fees?
You can! How does 9% per year sound?  The X-CARD is the only ATM card that provides this business program for you, where you earn 9% on your fees in your EVOcash account!

What can you expect to make offering this service to your associates?  
You can expect to make a lot!  For example, lets say that you refer 100 people and they all order their own X-CARD, you receive $1,000 into your EVOcash account (you receive each $10 referral fee immediately, once their transfer has been confirmed). 

What can you expect to make every time someone uses their X-CARD ATM?  
You can expect to make even more!  You will receive .5% bonus on all amounts your people transfer to their X-CARDs, every time, in the future.  For example, if one of the people you referred transfers $5,000 to their X-CARD, you will receive $25. Think about all those people transferring funds to their X-CARDs to use at the ATM machine!  Wow!

What if you could have your own business, easily helping people with a product that really benefits them? 
You can! You can have your own X-CARD referral business, where we take care of all the details and do all the work!