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All information within these pages were emailed to us in a quest to find knowledge on the subject, if they need to be removed due to copyright, let us know.

The Red Road

A Study in 
Native American Spirituality

There is a growing trend in the Spiritual movement to learn more about the Spiritual knowing of Native America. 

The Red Road is the path on the medicine wheel that reflects good, spiritual living. To walk the Red Road is to do so with a good heart and faith. 

This page does not claim  absolutes, as there are so many variations of ceremonies based on Nations represented. There is, however, a mainstream knowing.  >Please check out Mechi's Movie "Metis...Of Mixed Blood"

We will have articles from various Native American leaders among the metaphysical community. So, please bookmark our area and return often as this site will continue to grow. 

Mitakuye Oyasin
"me-talk 0h-sun"

Is a greeting meaning we are all related.  The Native belief that touches all Nations is  that human kind is all joined together in a circle of life known as the Sacred Hoop. 

What Is Smudging?

What Is Drumming?

What Is A Sweat Lodge?

The Hopi Prophecy

What Is A Pipe Ceremony?

What Is A Dreamcatcher

Vision Quest

Giveaway Ceremony

Sun Dance

The White Buffalo

The Medicine Wheel

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Terri Rivera Piatt     Brian Paulson 

Speakers On Native America
Terri Rivera Piatt
Mechi Garza