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We have all seen them in the mail, in newspaper advertisements, and on billboards. And most recently they have been popping up all over the internet - stuffing envelope schemes and assembling product schemes! If you want to see how many people are trying to peddle these types of businesses, just look in the business opportunities section of a newspater or nickle ads or get an opportunities magazine and look in the classifieds.
You've seen them: "Get paid $2 for every envelope you stuff!" " Supplies furnished! "
Or how about this one: " Assemble products at home! Thousands of companies are in demand!" After reading it you rush for your check book thinking, this is finally it! I can't believe I discovered this! Then after you've sent your $40 to $100 in you get your kit. You can't wait to open it and have $1000 by the end of the week! You notice that the package is only 1/8" thick, too small to have all your envelopes and postage in, you wonder what's up? You open it up only to realize how you'd been had. You experience a sudden let down, you were so sure there were no gimicks, you think geez, I read the thing 20 times and could'nt find any trickery in the wording at all! With that you toss it and grumble away waiting for the next sure fire opportunity.

A few years back I got this flyer in the mail that offered $2 for every envelope I stuffed. They promised that every envelope would be addressed and postage already affixed to it, all I had to do was stuff it with their pre-made flyers. Then at the bottom of the page it had some boxes to mark off. It asked what I thought I could stuff every week, 100 a week, 200 a week, 500 a week, or 1000+ a week, of course I wanted to stuff 1000 a week so I marked the box, hey, I would be more than eager to quit my lousy job and stuff 1000 a week for $2000! I was in heaven! My worries were over! Yippie!!
Then I got my kit. As I read I had discovered how I had been had. This happened to me many times and hundred of dollars later I finally learned my lesson. I still buy some programs, but it is only to add to my knowlege so I can create newsletters and free websites such as this one so that many people can benefit and save thousands of dollars!
So, what did I get? I will tell you, but first keep in mind this is only ONE of the many ways that are used to trick people into sending our their hard earned money, so bear that in mind.
I realized right away that the package did not have 1000 envelopes in it. After opening it all that was in it was a 5-8 page manual. What I was supposed to do was to make copies of the type set flyers that were in the middle of the manual. The flyers advertised, out of all things, another money making plan that was to be sold for $20. The money making plan was about showing them how to making money by cliping news articles for companies or out of area newspapers and supposedly make thousands doing it. I was then supposed to put an adds in where ever I could think of that said: "Make money cliping newspaper articles!" "Send a SASE and $2 shipping and handling (to my address). They would then send an SASE and $2 to me to get the flyer that I was supposed to also copy and then send it to them. If they sent me $20 for the actual program after getting the flyer then I would also keep that, I would then have to copy the "how to" instructions from my manual and send them their order.
So you see, I got the enveloped pre addressed with their name and address already affixed! Did I get 1000 envelopes a week in response to my adds? No Way!!! Not unless I were to spend thousands of dollars in advertising! The company used sly wording to make you think that they were providing everything. They never said THEY would send 1000 or even 100 envelopes to you a week. They simply stated that THE ENVELOPES WOULD COME PRE-ADDRESSED AND POSTAGE AFFIXED, which it would IF anyone responded to your ads. And about the question they gave me to check off at the bottom of their original flyer to me which asked me "how many can you stuff a week?" Well that had to do with absolutely nothing! Just another ploy to make me think the envelopes were coming from them!

I also found out that the better business bureau has brochures about these schemes and actually WARN agains these sly opportunites! So please, be warned!


So, what about all these great opportunities to assemble products at home for all these companies out there? Have you ever wondered why you see so many ads selling these little books and reports promising to tell you how to find these companies? Everywhere you look you see them. Well I will tell you why - because they make far more money at it than they ever would by locating a company to assemble products for, if they ever could find a company! I have purchased books with so called "thousands" of companies waiting for me to assembler their products. First let me say there are some legitiment companies out there, and there are also many fraudulent ones.

So what is it all about? First keep in mind that the ones wanting you to buy there book or report are probably making their money doing that, not by actually doing anything that is in the book. People want money! So to sell somoneone something that tells you how to make money, will sell like hotcakes! So lets say you buy the book and cant wait to go to work for some company, what next? Well you would see just what you ordered, a book will hundereds of companies listed. A lot of these companies may not even be legitimate companies needing people, in fact, many of these companies are found by people compiling these lists by looking in papers and magazines and seeing the company advertise for someone to work at home. Many are just copied or stolen out of other books and reports that they themselves have purchased. Many are no longer even in business.
Now another thing to keep in mind, most of the companies are scattered all over the United States,( or your own country ) and the odds that even one of them are within your range is slim. Most of the companies that allow some individuals to work at home for them usually only use a few at a time, and if they hire someone to work at home assembling their products, do you think they would be more likely to hire someone all across the country or someone within a few miles of their business? You got it, someone close to their business. Why would a company bother spending the money to send all these products across the country when someone close by would be more than happy to stop by every week and pick them up to assemble! Besides, the waiting lists are usually very lone and the pays usually don't amount to much more than minimum wage.

Be cautious of companies that require you to send a $30 or $50 fee for a kit of materials that you are supposed to assemble for them! You will more than likely be had! A friend of mine once said that they sent for this $40 kit to a company. When they got it they found some very small beading supplies for jewelry. They were promised thousands of beads for their fee. What did they get? Seed beeds! Hundreds of them! As you may know a seed beed is only about as big as the head of a pin! They were then supposed to sell their finished product which did not amount to any more than a wrist band, themselves! Many times when you try to submit your finished product back to a company that promised to pay you when you were done, they will tell you it was not up to their stantands! No matter how good it was! So please, beware.
One final note, If you get a flyer advertising a "hot" opportunity, check to see if the company has it's phone number anywhere for you to see it. When I got my stuffing envelope offer there was no phone number. They claimed in the flyer that they are so busy processing the order that they would not be able to handle all of the calls! If you encounter this, grab your wallet and run!