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S. pingke, Fernandez-Yepez, Drawing from the Piranha Book, G. S. Myers, OPEFE Educational Use Only.WELCOME TO OPEFE ARCHIVES


Serrasalmus pingke


Fernández-Yépez [A.] 1951

[1], Fig. On 3rd unnumbered p. [Evencias No. 12;

Current status: Synonym of Serrasalmus elongatus Kner 1858.




 According to Antonio Machado-Allison, he said the following comments regarding Jegu comments on S. pinkge being a valid species and the assertion of Heiko Bleher email submitted by a pseudo hobbyist.



Well. They are wrong. S. pingke is based in a very young specimen. As Fink and I pointed out there were no doubt that is the juvenile form of S. elongatus based in the revision of other specimens in museums (Machado-Allison and Fink, 1996). If Jegu is right, he has to find a older specimen different from S. elongatus in Venezuela, where supposed is distributed S. pingke.

Even collections made by us in the type locality, showed only adult forms of S. elongatus nothing else.

Antonio finished up with: I think the problem is that some people do not believe in Spanish speaking scientist or they do not (read) scientific paper written in Spanish. They have to move to modern world where they have to read in Spanish and Portuguese if they want to study fish in South America.

It remains unclear to OPEFE why the California Academy of Sciences is paying any attention to Lucien Bal, other than perhaps Bal attempting to influence CAS database with incorrect material.

According to William Eschmeyer:

That statement "Email from ..." was supposed to be placed in the "remarks" to me and was not to appear in the database in the distribution field.  So I will move that statement to remarks.

 Then I will retain synonym of elongatus as it is now.




Serrasalmus elongatus Kner 1858 (1860)




Río Apure, La Defensa, suroeste de San Fernando de Apure, Estado Apure, Venezuela







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