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Welcome, if you enjoy making money by saving it, especially if you're a Champion Cheapskate, bustling business owner, limited budget student or retiree or the millionaire next door, ENJOY this site!

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ATTENTION, Shoppers! You have the power, especially if use the Internet to check prices and reduce bills! The buying binge of the past few years has slowed, consumer confidence is falling (fewer buyers) and recession looms. Now companies must bend over backwards to woo customers (you). Exercise your new found power. You’ll need it because gas prices are just too high this summer and then there’s your utility bill. . . And don't forget about yard sales & auctions, buyers clubs and flea markets.

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Help us provide What Every Consumer Should Know. This site is dedicated to YOU. If you have any suggestions, want to link to this site or spot any deadlinks e-mail or Voice Mail/Fax: 507.262.1561.

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Why Buy?

Why buy? When you have something, use it! Check your closets, basement, attic, storage areas, etc. Use your overlooked and long forgotten gems. Create and use homemade and handmade items.

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When you must buy check prices carefully and use your common sense. Avoid problems like DEBT by purchasing only what you need and using what you already have. For more see timely buying tips.

Finally, don't forget to live simple.

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How much do things cost? How much should you pay? What choices do you have? Who has the best deals?

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