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( Established 1991 - Canadian Coast Guard Approved - CAA & AAA Approved )

Whale Watching Tours

Whale Sightings Guaranteed or Money Refunded!!

The MV "Against the Wind" is exclusively utilized by Island Coast Boat Tours for all excursions, departing twice daily during the months of July, August and September from the North Head Fishermen's Pier which is located 300 metres left from the ferry terminal in North Head.

Specializing in whale watching excursions, Island Coast is proud to boast that they have experienced a sightings success of 99.8% since 1991. Island Coast Boat Tours was also the first company in the area to offer "Whale Sightings Guaranteed or Money Refunded" and since 1991 money has been refunded on only 2 tours!! The six whale species common to the Bay of Fundy area are Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins, Minke, Humpback, Finback and the highly endangered North Atlantic Right Whales. It is not uncommon to view several different species in one individual excursion but whale watchers must bear in mind that they are dealing with "mother nature" and she alone will determine quantity, species, and degree of activity the whales will exhibit! In an excursion passengers may view 6 different mammals or perhaps numbers as high as 25 to 30, 1 species or perhaps all 6 mentioned above and they may be active or lazy! Whale watchers must always remember that they are viewing these giant mammals in their natural habitat and that they are not trained to perform on command.

Captain Dana Russell fully narrates the 4 to 5 hour whale watch excursions with the aid of a public address system. Whale watchers are educated on the mating, migrating, and feeding habit, weight, length and characteristics of these gentle giants.

As an added bonus it is not uncommon to view other marine life on these excursions, such as the blue fin tuna (fastest fish in the ocean), curious harbour seals playfully bobbing in the water or basking sharks which can measure 25 ft in length. Whenever the large triangular dorsal fin of a basking shark is seen silently cutting the water, someone as a rule on board the tour vessel is heard humming the theme from "Jaws"!! Do not fear, basking sharks feed on plankton and are not man-eaters!

In regards to the actual watching of the whales, Island Coast follows a "Code of Ethics" for the protection and safety of the whales and other marine wildlife. At no time will the whales be harassed or aggressively pursued in any manner. Captain Russell will proceed towards a pod of whales until he is within 100 metres of the mammals. He will then cut the engine of the vessel and allow the vessel and it's wide-eyed passengers to drift among the whales! If the whales choose to come over to the vessel for a closer look, it is their choice! With the engine silent, whale watchers can better appreciate their powerful "blows" as they expel 80% of the air from their lungs. In comparison, humans expel only approximately 15%.

On a final note, Island Coast would like to assure whale watchers that there is no danger being amongst these giants. They are gentle, very intelligent and often curious creatures who seem to move effortlessly through the water considering their immense size. Whale watchers on board the vessel are often heard making such comments as, "We never realized we would see so many, so close" and "Are we watching them or are they watching us?"

"Whale Conservation Fund"

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