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Activities for Fall 2001 Semester


Thursday 20th: Joint meeting with other engineering clubs for a fundraising event for the World Trade Center disaster.Time: 12:30 p.m. The Steinman Lecture Hall.


Monday 1st: The Zweifach Memorial Lecture: Integrative Biomedical Engineering: Interdisciplinary, Trans-hierarchial, Translation, and Educational Integrations. Shu Chien, M.D. Ph.D. Department of Bioengineering, University of California San Diego. Time: 3:30 PM, Shepard Hall Room 95

Tuesday 2nd: BMES General Meeting: Introduction of E-Board Members and faculty adivsors, BMES National Conference, Membership, BMES Newsletter, Upcomming events, and much more. Time: 12:30 PM. - 1:45, Steinman Hall Room 403. Food will be served.

Thursday 11th: BMES Bake Sale in the Steinman Hall Lobby. Help suppport the BMES chapter.

Thursday 18th: BMES Mixer postponed for later date

Wednesday 31st: Seminar: Understanding Failure in Tissue Engineered Blood Vessel, Stacey Dixon, PhD. Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, University of Minnesota. Time: 3 PM. Steinman Hall Room 254.


November 1st - 21st: Thanksgiving Clothing Drive, Give back to the community. Drop off boxes are located in the Science and Engineering building lobbies

Noverber 7th: Seminar: Flow-induced Fluid Shear Stress Alters Bone Cell Junction Expression and Function, Mia Mia Thi, CCNY Electrical Engineering Doctoral Student. Time: 3 PM. Steinman Hall Room 254.


December 5th: Seminar: Wear in Total Joint Replacements: Has the Problem Been Solved?, Tim Wright, Ph.D, Department of Biomedical Mechanics and Materials, Hospital for Special Surgery. Time: 3 PM. Steinman Hall Room 254.

Tuesday 11th: BMES Mixer Come meet the the Professor's and learn about their research areas. Time: 12:30 - 1:45 pm. Place: TBA, Look for flyers

Spring 2002 Events

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