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BMES Poster Day - 2001
DSCN0227.JPG(292526 bytes)

Miruka,explains her poster

DSCN0232.JPG (289371 bytes)

graduate students having a nice time

DSCN0243.JPG (340816 bytes)

students checking out the posters

DSCN0236.JPG (362986 bytes)

student explaining her poster

DSCN0239.JPG (336312 bytes)

Graduate student explains her poster

DSCN0240.JPG (317999 bytes)

Melissa explaining her poster

DSCN0241.JPG (300294 bytes)

Omeshwar explaining his poster

DSCN0230.JPG (448792 bytes)

students checking out the posters

Stony Brook University Visit
trip1.gif (61165 bytes)

The group of students on the trip

trip.gif (47202 bytes)

Julissa, Delana, Bhonesh and Tamara

trip_1.jpg (46171 bytes)

Everyone is having a wonderful time

trip_2.jpg (37435 bytes)

Explaining his work

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