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Photos of Eucalyptus cinerea

Mature trees of Eucalyptus cinerea near Christchurch, New Zealand.  This photo courtesy of Milligan Seeds and Trees.

This is the typical habit of a 5 - 7 year old E. cinerea tree in North Carolina.  Photo courtesy of Bob Snyder.

Trunks and juvenile leaves of E. cinerea.  This is the species often sold as 'silver dollar eucalyptus', but if you have looked at any of the other pictures, you will see that quite a lot of eucs have leaves that look like this.  This particular tree is on 24th Ave. NE just south of the Montlake Bridge in Seattle.  It looks like it probably froze to the ground in December 1998.

The flowers of E. cinereaE. cinerea can be distinguished from E. pulverulenta by having slightly larger leaves and smaller flowers (as well as a very different growth habit when large).

A gnarly old E. cinerea tree in Australia, showing the rough bark and sometimes rather tortuous growth habit.  This photo courtesy and copyright © 2002, Paul Alessi.

A mature tree of E. cinerea.  Note the presence of intermediate and adult leaves, which take quite a few years to appear in cultivation.  This tree near Oakhurst, CA, is growing at about 3,000' in the Sierra Nevada foothills, a few miles below the entrance to Yosemite National Park.

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