We are Soldiers of Christ . We are here to tell you about the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord. After about two years of having a vision of this company, God had showed one of my dear friends a pastor of Blackrock Baptist Church(Rev. Frank Camaratti) A message which was about the Soldiers of Christ and I designed this website after that message and I hope Jesus is glorified for the work I did. I hope you enjoy this website to the best of your abillity as much as I enjoyed making it.



The meaning to be Fireproof is to be without control of the devil and to be without fear of the devil. A band named "Pillar" has come up with this slogan and I thank them for it cause everytime I listen to there CD I think of how much I am messing the devil up with the work I do for the Lord, and the way it means to be "Fireproof" and that no matter what he(the devil) does to me I can still overpower him with God's holy word.

Soldier Corp is a company that is produced to share the good news of Jesus Christ. As well as the tools to share Chirst to other and the help others share Christ.