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Hey, we have 4 days untill the show and we are pumped to put out an amazing performance...I have updated the site...if you didnt allready notice from the cover page...well stay up to date....see you guys at the show....Oh and we will be getting our demo cd finished somtime after the show...they will be 3 dollars and will have ten or more songs on it

Thanks, Al



Hey, whats goin on. We got a show now that is actually going to take place in a barn at470 Norwood in Buffalo, which is a little odd, but it is supposed to be a real good place for a show so it should be good. We've updated the site some, including revising some lyrics that seemed to anger some people. Hope to see some new faces at the show September 5th.
Thanks, Shawn



Wow, what a great great show! Every band was amazing. Bail Out was amazing,especially for doing the State Of Alert cover. Vile Pack just keeps getting better and better every show. OurxTimes, well they played the style of hardcore that I love, I could compare them to Chain Of Strength and bands along those lines. We'd love to play a show with anyone one of those bands again, which I'd like to happen soon cause we have no shows! By the way with the money we made from this show, will be going toward the buttons we have been looking forward to getting!Catch ya later.



We have a new member by the name of Frank...he plays in Ralphies Revolt and Hold Your Horses...Frank took the posistion of bass, despite Nicks loss of intrest.......Nick we had alot of fun and and you still the bands best friend...have fun at our show in 5 days!



Hey everyone, we have another new song.....Even though we are doing soo very well we may take a break from making new songs in order to make time to record our full the way...if you have any ideas of what we can put on the cover of the full length email Me or Shawn at





Hey there, we got another show. Shawn and Mark are currently planning a show that will have about ten bands on the bill and will showcase newer bands like ourselves, Still x Ill, Vile Pack, Hold Your Horses and others. A date has not been set yet but the show will not cost anything to get into, but we would like if people would bring things to donate like food and drinks since it will be a long show. That way people attending the show will no have to go somewhere and spend money on food. We are also going to begin the recording of a cd shortly, but we have no idea when that will be finished or started. That is all we have for now, catch ya later.



The show was great, all the bands were real good and there was a good turnout for the show. I hope to be able to play a show with Vile Pack again. We have no shows on the horizon but people want to play shows with us and us with them so we'll see if anything happens. Later.

Thanks, Shawn


Update July 3rd

We are playing a show with Vile Pack, The Exposed, Random Fag and other bands. It will take place July 15th at 168 Villa Avenue in Buffalo, NY. It's only three dollars and starts at 3:30 PM and may go to 9:00 PM. Check it out whether or not we play.


Update June 20th

Our first show was great despite FOREVER YOUTH could not make it but CTS and I OBJECT rocked as usual. We have no shows booked right now but we want to open for any shows in Buffalo, so please contact us because we would like to play some more shows. Thanks



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