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Troubleshooting Steps For Email Issues With Error Message "0x800CC0E"

When a subscriber contacts you regarding email problem that has displayed the error message "0x800CC0E", follow the Troubleshooting:

Reason: This problem could be caused by:

1.       a temporary network problem: Check with your mentors, Look up go to "Network Status", and the "Today's News" section on the Support Web Home page.

2.       a subscriber's network connection

3.       an improper server name setting in Outlook Express

4.       Email Virus protection- go to System Tray and see if the email virus protection is enabled, if YES refer the user to their Virus Protection Company if NO continue with the troubleshooting

5.       Oeconfig or POP3 Roll back tool will cause the error the first time user signs in to OE- caused when folders try to synchronize

To properly troubleshoot this issue, you must follow these probing questions in order:

First, ask the customer: "Do you use MSN Explorer e-mail?" "Did you convert your mail to be viewed in OE?"  "Has your e-mail ever worked properly?"

User has converted MSN Explorer mail to OE

1.       Ask the user to click on the "Hide" button on the error message

2.       Click on Send and Receive

3.       The system will automatically synchronize the folders

Problem should be resolved

Next Step: If unsuccessful, Remove the mail account

1.       Tools,

2.       Account,

3.       Mail tab,

4.       Remove account

5.    Send them to support services and re-launch Oeconfig tool.

Yes, e-mail has worked properly in the past.

Ask: Can you surf the web? if Yes, customer can surf the web.verify that Outlook Express server settings are as follows:  Incoming =  Outgoing =  Correct the settings if necessary, and then have user try to access mail If settings are OK and customer still canít access mail, follow the steps to help the user recreate an e-mail profile in OE.

No, customer cannot surf the web.

Troubleshoot for connection

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