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Billerica Trivia
(The History of Billerica, Massachusetts) 


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Asa Pollard - The Battle of Bunker Hill   The first to die in Battle of Bunker Hill
Mary Lane - A woman's intuition   When a stump is just not a stump
The many names of Billerica   Billerica wasn't just called Billerica at first.
Indian attack of 1695   The worst attack by Indians Billerica had.
Thomas Carrier - Welshman with an interesting past.   The Welshman  with an interesting past
1811 Smallpox Cemetery   Just how dangerous is Smallpox?  If you only knew...
The calendar change of 1752   Dating the past, may not be as it once was...
CT train wreck of 1853 - Walter French's death   Treasure, horror, and a Billerican was aboard this train
Mitchell Military School   More evidence of where it existed.
Billerica slaves     Yes, Billerica had slaves too.