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The Alan Kent Set

On the 25th of July 1967, I met a girl called Pat. On the 4th November, she finished with me. (Don`t worry, I married her 18 months later!) Anyway, back to the plot... One door closes and another door opens...

That evening her brother Alan, (who at that time was in between groups), contacted me about forming a group to play for some Christmas and New year bookings that he had been offered. So, along with Geoff from BLUE INFLUENCE, taking the role of bass using chunky rhythms and bass runs on his 6 string (a red Vox Rhythm Ace as I recall), and me on my much loved Premier drums, we became the ALAN KENT TRIO.
Alan bye the way played a 12 string Framus strung with six to save money.

Alan had been playing in groups since leaving school and had been a prominent member of several bands including THE HEARTBEATS, THE ELECTRIX, THE BUFFALOES and THE SELMER ALAN TRIO, so, in their early 20`s both Geoff and Alan seemed like old pros to me. (Well, I was only 19...!)

Part way through 1968, Geoff decided he wanted to leave to do other things and was replaced by Brian (Wozzy) on lead guitar (a Sunburst Rickenbacker 300), and Mickey. on bass guitar. (First a Burns then a Fender Precision). Mickey had played guitar (a six string Futerama) with Alan in THE SELMER ALAN TRIO. Now we were four and the trio changed to set (an 'in word' at the time for a group of musicians).
Alan now bought a Vox Continental keyboard with him as well..

In 1969 Wozzy left and we became a trio again, although still performing as THE ALAN KENT SET. A few months later while rehearsing at a local pub, (The Black Lion in Boughton... no longer there), we met a guy called Barry, (Chopper) who told us he had some gear upstairs if we wanted to use it to save lugging ours up. (We didn`t have a lot in those days though... a couple of amps and a set of drums which all fitted in a 5cwt Ford van).

Barry by the way got his nickname 'Chopper' because he was one of the first in this area to build a chopper style motor cycle. He was also a former member of THE CLOCKWORK ORANGE SOUL BAND.

Anyway Barry came up and listened to us play and also sat in on a few numbers which was no problem as his gear was already there (A Hofner Verithin and an A.C 30). After a very small discussion ('Do we want a lead guitarist?....Yes!'), Barry joined us and he bought a Shaftsbury copy Rickenbacker and stayed with us till we disBANDed in 1971, joining me to form a rock band, and that is the story of CONTROVERSY which is on another page.

Alan and Mickey did some work together at a local night club (In Birkenhead) until Alan emigrated to Australia in 1973....Mickey then went on to join a band called SPICE OF LIFE, later joining Manchester based band BLONDIE, no not that BLONDIE Mickey didn`t quite have the same figure as Debbie Harry.
Mickey now runs a mobile disco also called BLONDIE and has a Wedding car business that he and his wife Heather run..

While Alan was with the Alan Kent Trio Mk 1 they were asked by a club in Birkenhead if they would perform for them on a certain night, "unfortunately" they were already booked that night also in Birkenhead so had to decline the offer. They were told if they could get down the club and just perform a few numbers they would be welcome but that they had to perform one song especialy. The song was "short shorts" which always resulted in Graham their drummer being chased around the club and being de-bagged. So it ended up with two bookings in one night (easy in those days 3 amps and a set of drums).

On the home page you will have noticed 'Thanks to Rick for help with site'. Well, Rick is Alan's son, my nephew, who was over here in May 2000 and helped me fathom out how to get this site on-line and also showed me some HTML stuff (and is still helping me... isn`t ICQ great?). Alan is hopefully coming over in January, and who knows, he may even put a guitar on and perform with me again. I have found the pics of Alan and his groups and you can go to the Gallery section to see them...Alan is now a lecturer in Australia (the mind offence)..Bit like me becoming a footballer..yea or a guitarist... TaT!

(Rick will no doubt put a page of his own up when he`s ready)

Alan has been over now in January 2001 and hopes to come back again soon...he never did get to perform with us this time..

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