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Here are some sound clips as well as three full length songs from the upcoming Astro Jackson CD. You will need some version of Real Player to listen to them. Real Player is free, to download it click here.

If you have a slower modem connection (56k or less) please select the low quality option or else you may have to wait a while to listen to the tunes. Select the broadcast quality option if you have a faster modem speed than 56k. Please E-mail us your comments of what you think and we'll post them on our site.

We highly recommend listening to the "broadcast" quality for best listening enjoyment.

If you are interested in buying a CD, visit our Events page and come check us out when we come to your area and we'll have one for you. If we aren't coming to your neighbourhood anytime soon then E-mail us and we'll work something out.

Song/clip Low Quality (size) Broadcast Quality (size)
Swamp Milk clip

click here 75 kb

click here 296kb

Raspberry Mary clip click here 74kb click here 290kb
Apples in Her Yard clip click here 103kb click here 504kb
Sargent Rodgers click here 92kb click here 364kb
Crazy Boy & His Queen clip click here 91kb click here 445kb
Mushroom Soup song click here1186kb not available
Swamp Milk song click here 1182kb n/a
Raspberry Mary song click here 1061kb n/a