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The foursome formed in Nelson, BC in January 2001, but each member is actually quite new to this city in the Kootenies. John Paul David, Astro Jackson's singer, guitarist and songwriter, was raised in the Elk Valley (minutes from Fernie, BC) and spent some years in Lethbridge, AB, playing with the band Tennessee Jed. He moved to Nelson in the summer of 2000 to concentrate on his songwriting and estimates he has some 200 songs written, 30 of which are in Astro Jackson's current line-up. His love for music is evident in the variety of styles that his songs encompass including: rock, funk, country, folk, and punk, with an open mind to experimenting musically. Andrea Graham is the groups' pianist who also provides vocals, and writes songs as well. She grew up all over Canada and Australia, with Kelowna, BC being her current home before the move to Nelson where she studies full time in between snowboarding and rock climbing. Her unorthodox piano blends blues, fusion, jazz and country, which intertwine within tunes adding depth to the music. Andrea played with JP for some time in the band Tennessee Jed, which eventually became Astro Jackson with the addition of the following players. Stephen Geerlof, also known as Stevie D., is a talented drummer attending music school in Nelson. His articulate stick work is unparalleled by anyone in the area, and has enjoyed opportunities playing with famed Vancouver recording artist Kim Kuzma, and other studio session work in Vancouver and Calgary. Native to the city of Calgary, his drumming was developed to such a standard that led to recording dates in Vancouver, before moving to Nelson to further his music studies. Completing the groovy quartet is bassist Josh Evans, who also studies music in Nelson. Josh lays down the groove with a solid low end that shakes everybody's rump, while utilizing concepts of space and dynamics. Originally from Vancouver, his experience has led him through hard rock to hard funk, playing for the funk band Redfish the past few years.

The chemistry between the band's rhythm section, melodies, and strong songwriting, generates a situation that each member enthusiastically participates in: a combination of soul, groove, emotion, depth, and lots of fun: Astro Jackson.