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 Daegu Is On The Map  + photos

Busan Summer
Whose Chook Are You Anyway?



The Barebones Index
Aesop's Fables in Easy English

Short Texts From Oz          Talk to Eliza !
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Thor's China Diary Dining Out On Laundry Soap
An Upper Middle Class Evening
In The Land of the Blind, The One Eyed Man is King                      More ...


Thor's Korea Diary

Busan Summer
Whose Chook Are You Anyway?

The Second Hand Man 
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Other Travel Writing Traveler On A Leash, Or A Free Spirit ?
Cambodian Snippet
Memories of Afghanistan
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A few photos of Daegu
The Virtual World Cup
Views of Busan City, South Korea

Photos From Around China
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Thor's Unwise Ideas Pissing On Every Lamp Post  - the paradox of scholarship                           Thor's Aphorisms Gender Puzzle
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Other Rough Philosophy Curiosity Questionnaire
The Atheist's Catechism
Notes To Myself From The Bottom Of The World
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Poems Busan Summer
Time Passing : An Anthology 1970 - 2002
The Wrong Address - An Australian Biography
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Stories Stumpy And The Decision Tree
The Five Minute Future
Amity Li
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Technical Writing Technical Writing Introduction
Technical Writing Links
Sample Report OnTechnical ESL
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Linguistics Postsupposition And Pastiche Talk
Purposive Constructions In English
Suva (Fiji) : Language Use & Literacy
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Teaching Methodology Evaluating Linguistic Difficulty
This Is Your Problem, Friend, Not Mine ...
Plain Speaking: The Fiji National Oratory Contest
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Thor's CV etc. Thor's CV            About Thor (brief)       
Articles Published In Hardcopy to 2002
Thor's Photo            Self Advertisement
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Business The Plain & Fancy Language Company
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Old Battles Technical & Further Education In Australia
National Literacy
The South Pacific & Somebody's Restaurant At ...
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Technical Writing Links
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South Korea Links


Mirror Sites 
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Current time & temperature in Busan, South Korea