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dead bird
Face Plant !

Here, yet another baby sparrow was accidentally flung out of his cozy nest to bake on the super-heated June pavement of north Scottsdale. Incidentally, this is a visual representation of how I feel my life is progressing.
Honda Insight Hybrid
Honda Insight

A Honda gas/electric car waits at a traffic signal on Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale, Arizona. Faster than a golf cart, slower than a V6, and quieter than a Mexican-manned leaf blower.
4-door Avanti II
Avanti Too Much

Apparently, this is the latest rendition of the 1960s Studebaker Avanti. I'm sure the original designer, Raymond Loewy, is spinning in his grave. This four door version is only slightly more beautiful than Janet Reno squatting on a commode while battling with a three-day bout of constipation.
2-seater Jaguar
Antique Racing Jaguar

Spotted this relic putt-putting its smokey way down Scottsdale Road on my way to a weekend brunch. It was ugly last century and remains ugly this century. And the right-hand drive is so practical if you're planning to use your Jag on your morning paper route deliveries. However, it's probably valued at around $500,000 or more dollars.
Mazda RX8
Mazda RX8

Here's the 2004 version of the 250 horsepower rotary-powered Mazda RX8, which is the young Mr.Wonderful III's almost favorite car. Now available in both stick shift and automatic I'm sure it will broaden its appeal. Notice the miniature suicide-door behind the handle for the driver's door.

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