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Murder in the Desert

August 2003 south of Pinnacle Peak Road in Phoenix, Arizona a dead body was found. These are the news vehicles parked near the scene of the crime.
Zonotrichia Atricapilla ?

Birds aren't called 'bird-brains' for no reason. About eight times each spring a Sparrow feeding its offspring flies off before letting go of the worm in its own beak, pulling the poor bald birdy out of the nest to plummet to the asphalt below and slowly barbecue on the 130F degree pseudo grill.
Selasphorus Rufus ?

I was out in front of my guardhouse one morning with my digital camera looking for photo ops and old Rufus flew into the range of my viewfinder. So, I flipped up my flash and got this photo of the little sucker.
The Return of Rufus

This time shot through a glass window, Rufus tries to convince me that he is not a pansy hummingbird, but actually a bat that flies during the light hours.
Rufus Stage Left

"See? See? I'm a bat, dammitt! I'm a fearsome bat! Can't you see?!"

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