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Phoenix, Arizona Pipeline Crisis
August 18th, 2003

Danny's Texaco PV P-Way & Tatum
Danny's Texaco Paradise Village Parkway & Tatum Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona

At 5:00 AM Monday morning, your Mr. Wonderful set out on his search for gasoline. My first stop was the Danny's Mexico station .9 miles from the house. No luck.
Safeway Station Greenway & Tatum
Safeway Station Greenway & Tatum Boulevard

My second stop was the new Safeway gas station. I was drawn in by the very low prices on the marquee.
Safeway Gas Tatum & Greenway
The Newest Station on the block: Safeway

Turns out the first time I try 'Safeway' gas, the place is totally closed down and shuttered.
Mobil Tatum & Greeenway
Mobil Station Greenway & Tatum Boulevard

This is the station where I was approached while taking photos and asked by an astute gas station employee what I was doing.
Circle K / 76 Bell & Tatum
Circle K / 76 Union: Bell and Tatum Boulevard

At 5:10 AM, saw a bunch of large kids on their bicycles in the front of the store.
Circle K / 76 Union Hills Road
Circle K / 76 Union:
Union Hills and Tatum Boulevard

Finally, success, a gasoline station with gas. I filled up the mighty Hyundai for $15.80 at $1.849 per gallon.
Circle K / 76 Bell & Tatum
Circle K / 76 Union:
Union Hills and Tatum Boulevard

Second photo of happy people filling up. This is where I asked the freaky employee leaning on the propane tanks taking a smoke break, why they had gas. He said a tanker had filled them up at 11:30PM the evening before and that they would be out by 7:00AM " the latest."