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June 2009

No recession over at The Candy Store (where, I'm told, at least one recent graduate of Scottsdale Christian Academy seems to always end up dancing at) on the corner of Cave Creek Road & Union Hills. There was a time, when this location was far north of Phoenix, an ancient age when the city limits ended at Bell Road which is two miles (in the direction of the camera holder) south of here.

June 2009

Couldn't figure out what all the hub bub was about, and then I found it.

June 2009
Fancy Fatty

This lady was pretty hard to miss.

June 2009

Don't know how this came about. Maybe the truck driver picks up powerchair riders whose chairs run out of juice or something. The cripple in the back doesn't seem to be too happy to be in the shot. Oops, I meant to write, 'the differently-abled person in the back', excuse me.

June 2009

I've had several people I've worked with die. When you're in the security guard business, sometimes it's pretty hard to tell whether they've died or they are just pausing extra-long before answering a question.

In any case here you can see ectoplasm between the red dots. It's probably one of my passed-away co-workers checking to see if he's won the lottery yet or if I saw where he left his pack of Marlboro's.

June 2009
Left Hand

People who are not members of the high-IQ-club wonder what we blessed few think of, large breasted red head or notice of, so much, so often, that keeps our minds buzzing every waking minute so that we sometimes seek to slow the informational input with drugs, or alcohol, or consenting sex with large-breasted, red-headed women (preferably all three at once), so here is just one tiny thing I noticed the other day and became concerned about. end cap missing
on driver's side
wheels only

To the left you can see that the end cap is off of this vehicle's wheel, which is something most people would not notice to begin with. However, why has it gone missing? Why are both end caps missing on this side of the vehicle, but not on the other side? Since ashtrays are illegal, did some tidy tobacco-addict liberate them to crush out his still smoldering stubs in? Would it help to know that this is the driver's side of this SUV?

Each time the tire-wheel came to a stop, the 'never tight enough' end caps kept trying to spin, turning in the same counter-clockwise direction they would be turned to unscrew them, and they eventually fell off. Granted it took many months to do this.

Nonsense? Well, until 1968 all  Chrysler cars  on the driver's side had lug nuts that you turned to the left to TIGHTEN, and to the right to loosen, just the opposite of normal. This way, it was thought, the lug nuts would be keeping themselves tight.

June 2009
Gas Stop

So we peons can't drive the vehicles we want to purchase and drive President Obama wishes gasoline was $4.00 a gallon. Nevermind that while on a single dinner Circle K 
Thunderbird & Shea Boulevard
Phoenix, Arizona, USA date to New York City with the 'Shaved Ape' he burns more fuel than the average American peon will consume over the next decade, even at $4.00 a gallon. And then we've got the whole Global Warming fraud. But doncha know that Obama will never again get within a hundred million miles Obama
Addict of the struggle-to-make ends-meet-and-still-enjoy-Jack-in-the-Box-once-in-a-while-life that 85% of Americans enjoy so what the hell does he care? After his presidency what fool would pay to listen to him read off of a teleprompter, so that's not an option to this incredible bore from Kenya. If he gets in a pinch he can just have Bomber Bill Ayers simply write his third autobiography, or is it fourth?

May 2009
Gas Stop
Police incident Greenway Parkway and 33rd Place, Phoenix, Arizona.
May 2009
8 is Enough
It's not bad enough that Illegal Aliens take our jobs, (albeit at one-half the cost to the employer, and one-third more hours put in, weekends & holidays worked without complaint, as they are treated like pre-Civil War indentured servants) crowd our free government schools, Unlicensed street vendor
selling uninspected food and pack our no-charge hospital emergency rooms (especially Phoenix Children's Hospital) but now, due to Section 8 regulations, they can even live rent free with, guess who?, you and me again picking up the bill.

Who exactly is supporting the cause of these Illegals who are choking our schools, hospitals, housing and jails? While "they" may have more money than us, do they have more votes? Do they have more purchasing power? Do these traitors and rapacious businessmen have a louder voice than the taxpaying citizens burdened with the bills from the barrios?

May 2009
Back from the Dead?
As many of you know, Mr.Wonderful has tried to drop out of government service and often continues to find himself tailed by an agent of the government. Here it looks like they brought Elliot Ness back to harass me. Isn't MAAD enough?

Another person who could never escape his government, Number 6
May 2009
Buford's Truck
Buford simply could not understand why all of a sudden his truck started getting even worse mileage than usual and was even being passed by Prius's on the freeway.
May 2009
Broke Duck
As some of you know, print newspapers are cutting back on cartoons. One of the characters too often cut is Mallard Fillmore.

Here he is seen with his bodyguard and one of his byatches, outside of the Greenway Parkway Safeway Store, drumming up some extra dough.

May 2009
Fishing for Fishermen?
My spies told me some poor fishermen had been pulled over by The Man. Their crime is unknown, but with former Arizona Governess His Highness Janet Napolitano on the case, now from behind the desk of the Office of Homeland Security, these guys might have been pulled over for displaying a 'right-wing' bumper sticker such as: "I'm Pro-Life", or "Don't Tread on Me". *

Can anyone say, "Pre-World War II Germany?"

(* I doubt it, because law enforcement in Arizona are usually pretty right-wing themselves.)

May 2009
I knew the bill collectors would start calling. Angry phone I am wondering what they think I'm going to tell them, "Oh I have the money I just don't want to pay my credit card statement. I like looking at the large balances in my checking account?"

Hell, guess what Wells Fargo did to me? Several months ago they finally realized my shaky financial predicament, so they offered to 'help' me by doubling or tripling or quintipling the interest rate on my VISA balance. So guess who I stopped paying first?

Geeze, they loan out $300,000 to people who don't speak a word of English and have no verifiable income and then they come after me for $6,000? Burning Dell Laptop The only card company who didn't jack with me is American Express and they are the only one I intend to pay off in full...too bad it's for a balance transfer that bought a Dell laptop that we threw away six months after we bought it when it burnt up. But what the hell, it was only $3,500.

Whew! Got carried away there. In any case today's photo is of my cell phone and the ridiculous number of times Bill Collector "0" calls. I set up the number as "0" in my contacts memory along with no ring and now, since I can't get to "0" in my list of contacts (try it, try to get to a contact named "0" on your phone) I cannot answer their calls to tell them to quit calling.

May 2009
I guess somebody finally got tired of this Obama-baby telling ASU graduates that after spending four years and $40,000 to go work at the local soup kitchen, volunteer more, ride a bicycle instead of carpool, and to pay more in taxes.

I think that's what it was saying.

May 2009
the Gaps
I spotted this rig out on State Route 74. I believe it was headed for Sun City or Sun City West to feed the vacuum caused by not enough men.
May 2009
I've never seen a bee swarm before. This has got to be a miniature one. I've seen a swarm of bees moving down a street and it was an unbelievable sight.
May 2009
On a visit to Kierland Commons last month I saw this Audi A6 obviously driven by an A-Hole who just assumed (the ass) that he or she could park where ever she felt like and created their own parking space.

Desert Ridge Mall
Bad-ass Security H3 Hell, over at Desert Ridge one of the armed, bad-ass security guards over there would have been sure to clip the tail-end of this luxo-car with the front end of his Detroit-born H3 Hummer. Hard to do that with the Segways they use at the Kierland Commons. (By the way, "Anyone wanna buy a car company? Or two?")

May 2009
Blue Cows
When I had my electrical business, we sold a manure-pot full of inventory before Korral Kool
click see more to an outfit that went by the name 'Korral Kool'. What they came up with was a misting system to keep cows cool during the harsh southwest summers.

It's only fitting that these days shopping centers like Kierland Commons, use them to cool the two legged cows that we've most all become.

To understand how dry the faux Scottsdale climate is, while standing directly under these misters, outside NoRTH restaurant (a place where I couldn't afford a side of sautéed spinach) to take this photo, I did not get a single drop of water on me.

May 2009
I don't know what the residents of 24th Street did, but it cannot be good.
May 2009
There's all kind of ruckus about a UFO filmed over a Russian field, but you don't have to go all the way around the world to see them. Russian UFO Here I've got yet another photo of a UFO seen as the white tear-drop shape in the middle of the photograph. It was odd that it would only appear in the black and white photo spectrum. Some skeptics would say this is the reflection of a light fixture on a window. But that's the skeptics for you.
May 2009
BMW 2002
Going south on State Route 51 (aka: The Pee-on-the-street Freeway) the other day, we spotted this BMW 2002 that probably BMW Z-4 dated back to 1974. Before I was married. Back when I was happy <grin>. Earlier that day at Desert Ridge we also saw this 2008 BMW Z-4 hardtop. My how things change.
May 4th, 2009
Today's Dummy
Little Old Lady moron You know how you drive a rental car in a strange city and that alone gives you license to drive like a moron?

This white PT Cruiser (designed by my nephew Bryan Nesbitt) pulled off the northbound SR51 (Squaw Peak) and immediately swerved from the sidewalk lane to the inside lane causing your Mr.Wonderful to hit his brakes so hard I began skidding.

May 2009
Spectacular UFO
I've photographed Canadian bacon ufo so many of these UFOs, I'm beginning to feel like Whitley Strieber, the nutcase writer who communicates with extraterrestrials more than most husbands talk to their wives.

Here you can see the military helicopters, on the left an RAH-66 Comanche, I believe, and to the right, a UH-60 Blackhawk, seemingly escorting the rectangle-shaped UFO. I had this picture authenticated by the M.W. photo labs here in Phoenix, Arizona, so I know what I photographed was what I saw.

May 2009
Dumb Bunny
Here's another way to get around. I imagine the upscale hotels in Scottsdale rent these things. They have three wheels and are powered by a battery and, for a change, are quieter than a question and answer session with Messiah Obama.
May 2009
Lonely Bunny
Some of you know that Mr.Wonderful, like Dr. Doolittle, can indeed talk to the animals.  Here I talk two birds into being sociable.