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Migraine Notes

The MiraCool Bands:  

I cannot say enough about this product.  These are pure cotton bands filled with a special gel.  When you first unpack them, your first though will be "this is not what I ordered" because they're entirely flat.  You soak the bands in water for 30 minutes and they plump up like sausages.  You wring them out a bit and tie them around your forehead or neck, or wherever and they stay cool for days.  You may want to turn them over or re-wet them occasionally to intensify the cooling.  They can also be warmed in the microwave after plumping.   

Several styles are available, including their Deluxe Headband which looks very 1920s -- very Clara Bow -- and you might as well look nice as long as you're suffering.

Where to order:  

Industrial suppliers:

  • Lab Safety Supply -- 800-356-0783
  • Conney Safety Products -- 800-356-9100
  • Airgas Safety -- 800-548-0909

Non-industrial suppliers:

  • Stage One (
  • or AliMed (click here for a rant on AliMed).  AliMed is a fabulous source for ergonomics products.  Be sure to ask for their catalog!

A Rant About AliMed

I love this company, but their website sucks.  

If you order through AliMed, telephone in your order.  Their website is practically non-functional (the most frequent message is "that page is not available in this database") and is a nightmare for on-line orders.  No confirmation, if you order by item number you can't get back to your order form, etc.  I've emailed them many times about this, but aside from "oh, dear, we are having trouble with the site lately" they don't fix it, and it's still the same after a year.  Maybe if enough of us complain about it ....?  

Body Pillows

You can have a cover that matches your sheets by putting a king-size pillowcase over each end of the pillow.  Only king-size pillowcases are long enough to overlap in the middle without gapping while you sleep.   You can put blanket pins in to hold them in place, or sew on buttons, but they really are uncomfortable and tear.  

Bucky Masks

Bucky ( the makers of the buckwheat pillows) sells a great one called a "Bucky Shade," but be forewarned:  They completely cut out the light, so if you are the slightest bit claustrophobic, sneak up on them gradually.  Bucky Shades are also quite warm; if keeping cool is an issue,  you want the drugstore kind instead.  

They are available at and in travel stores.        

Bedspreads and Coverlets

100% cotton matalasse or chenille bedspreads are comfy, easy to wash and very trendy right now.  You can find these in linen stores if you ask the clerk to take you where they're hidden, which for some reason they always are!

If you use a comforter instead of a bedspread, get a cotton duvet cover.  Many companies make them, but check for 100% cotton (or do a finger test for burning and prickling).

Land's End and LL Bean are excellent sources.  Land's End makes outer bed covering of the same material as their sheets, so they are as comfortable to sleep on as the sheets.

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