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These drawings were photograph with a 3.5 megapixel digital camera. The camera was unable to capture the fine details and shading of the orginal drawings. Overall, this page was roughly made almost a year ago, and most of the drawings have been misplaced or given away. I finally have time to update this site, and since last year, I have learn a few more things about HTML. So, have fun looking at the drawings and please, don't steal.Its just proper internet etiquette.

It all started when I viewed an article in the Reader's Digest a few years ago. They publish a story about a women that had been raped when she was an adolescent. She later grew up and became a forensic artist for rape victims using simple pencil drawings. Her work has caught numerous perpetrators, all from descriptions based on the victims.

I then brought a book on how to draw people using pencils. After reading the book and only practicing for 2 days. This is what became of my "art study". The thumbnails are arranged in order of what I drew first to what I drew last. You will notice how I get from bad to ok, and then back to bad. I have been traveling alot since the last update, and have not since picked up this hobby again. But, just keep coming back and maybe I have decided to try drawing again.

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