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drawn from a tiny photo

This is my beautiful niece, Adrianne. She is the oldest of her 4 siblings. I Love her as if she was my own daughter, even though I do have more nieces and nephew, she was the first one, and there is always a special place in my heart for her. She is growing up so fast, and deep down, I know she is still a very delicate child. I can remember all the times when she was a toddler and just hated my presence! It didn't help that I would draw on her with pernament marker and pull on her hair. Now she is older and I finally stopped torturing the poor child, she must realize how much I do cherish her. This drawing is for you baby..!.. .

I do not like the way this drawing turn out as you can tell the huge difference between the orginal photo and my version of Adrianne. But, like I have stressed many times before, I only read the book once, and drew immediately afterwards. I do regret not taking any art courses in school though...

So, if you are still curious of how the rest of my "temporary pastime/hobby " turn out, than just click on the links (in the left hand side ) you are interested in.