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Thien 2

My Info

This Was the first practice/drawing I did

One the cover of the Book.

When I first saw the book at the book store, (I can't remember the title of the book right now ),and I was very surprised by how thin it was. I flipped through the pages and liked how clear the instructions were. So I brought it, and on the first day, I purchased all the required materials and a very expensive leather case for it too. One of the first exercise were to draw this photo. I followed the techniques instructed and BAM!.... The photo you see is what became of reading and doo-da-ling after 2 days.

I never took a picture of what the orginal was suppose to look like, therefore , there is nothing to compare it too. But like all people, I criticize this drawing and hated it even before I was done. But now that it has been almost a year. I can't even remember what the difference between my drawing and the orginal were! I guess it looks fine afterall and I was probably too harsh on myself. I learned that everyone sees things differently and when it was my turn to draw , I just probably reflect, or perceived it different like everyone else out there.

So, if you are still curious of how the rest of my "temporary pastime/hobby " turn out, than just click on the links (in the left hand side ) you are interested in.