Vickie Tern's Wives And Their Girlfriends..

This page is for all those wives and girlfriends who
wish to spice up their relationship a little.
Contained within these pages are stories about partners
who have taken Vickie's advice.

Are they any happier for it? Read and find out..


These stories depict sexual activity of various sorts among consenting
if sometimes also credulous and deceived adults. If you are not a
consenting adult don't read it, no matter how credulous or deceived.
It's not for you. Not yet.

Backdoor He didn't know he was being set up by his wife and another couple to be trapped in skirts.
Bi Girls Wife needs cheating husband out of the way so she can have her own affair. She gets the local girls to make him a member of the bigirls club.
Charmed A self-satisfied seducer of women is transformed by a painting into a worshipper of women, maybe into the woman he worships.
Choices Bills wife lays out the Choices he must make to join her at her little private sex club. No husbands allowed. But as her girlfriend, yes
Commencement Four wives fed up with the way their husbands treat them, decide the shoe or is that the high heel belongs on the other foot.
Cute Angela is sure that when her beloved husband learns she's had a passionate extra-marital affair, it will break his heart and end their marriage. Unless, when he hears about it, he isn't exactly a husband any more.
Dolls Diana uses Bobs attraction to her to turn him into a member of her Doll collection. See what this bored, wealthy lady has in mind for her play things.
Flowers The story of how Sara, finally agrees to help Larry become Laura and enjoy the neighbors.
Friends Bobs wife leaves him for another women and some friends he turns to for help have some ideas on how to get her back. Except the friends, wife has her own plans for Bob and her husband Ray.
Girlfriends He thinks slowly turning into a les lover is all for his wife's love. But he find out in the end she had other plans.
Girls' Night Out As a 40th birthday gift to his wife, Henry agrees to take a girls place for a Girls Night Out Birthday party. But his wife had other plans as to why she transformed him.
Girl Time Mom encourages her son to be more like a girl, especially when bullied, by turning him into a girl. The story is told as a conversation.
Happening Neighbor lady uses the excuse that a writer writing about a women being betrayed he must experince it first hand. Caught by his wife dressed and in bed with the neighbor lady is all part of the plan to make him over.
Jack And Jill His wife hates his crossdressing, but after being caught dressed, with another woman, she arranges so he is crossdressed permanently.
JayCee JayCee tells the tale of how she is hired by a neighbor lady to finish the work she started. Turning her son into a daughter.
Letter Mailed Andy is caught by girlfriend surfing a sissy web site. What follows is a letter to that web site explaining Andy's to Annie transformation.
Makeover His wife hated his crossdressing, but days before his birthday she purchased him a full transformation at a local salon as a present. Maybe she would give into to his desires to dress-up, or did she have other plans for him?
Mommy An errant husband learns what's required when he agrees to nurse their baby after his wife becomes pregnant.
New Hairdo A wife who has feminized her husband to satisfy her own desires decides to complete the process, for his sake, before leaving him altogether.
Nice Cheating husband agrees to do anything for her forgiveness. But be coming her Proxy in an affair???
Phone Calls A husband is tricked into crossdressing to keep his affair with another woman secret.
A Place of her own Andy's wife thinks her crossdressing husband would he happier living in an apartment where everyone thinks he's Amy. He's delighted, not knowing she has her own reasons for wanting him to become Amy full time.
Queer Halloween To revenge a cheating husband, wife transforms her stud husband into a swish gay person. There are hints of TV/CD in this story. But not a lot.
Second Hand Rose His wife needs to help finish a book where a person dresses up and...When her husband gets drunk at a party they make him take the part.
Snip He thinks for his lover he is agreeing to hormonal implants to make his sex with her better. She had other plans.
Soooo Sweet! A beautician tells a male being transformed in her salon all about how her husband became sooo sweet little muffin.
Sucker Sam's wife finally agrees to perform oral sex on him if he'll do it first for her. Little by little he discovers what she means by that.
Teasers 1 A series of story line teasers. Some could be written into full stories.
Teasers 2 A series of story line teasers. Some could be written into full stories.
Threesome A wife decides to move back in with her former girlfriend. Her husband pleads to live with them, planning to win her back. The two women set certain conditions -- they have their own plans for him.
True Love Don's wife, Cynthia wants it all. Money and her new boyfriend. But her husband is in the way. And it is really True Love from Cynthia for Don! Lies lies and more lies, sinks Don's ship so to speak!
Trust Me! Caught by wife and unable to stop, he wife uses this to her advantage. He becomes the housewife and soon to be nanny to her children by her boss.
Two of Us Jim's wife tells the story to she-male Loretta, how she turned hubby with a lingerie fetish into a she male slut