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Amanda Fullan  (a.k.a. Hop-Along-Hopey)


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Good morning, day, evening, night, high noon, twilight, or whatever time designation is convenient for you. You have stumbled, for good or ill, upon the efforts of none other than (try as I may to deny it later on) myself, Amanda Fullan, a.k.a. Hop-Along-Hopey. This designation is thanks to Dr. Robert Knight's irrepressible (and sometimes questionable) sense of humor, my role in the opera as Anna Hope, and my semi-involuntary participation in UWEC's annual Cabaret show where I managed to break off a piece of my ankle bone and sprain it in two places.

Feel free to roam around this site using the links I have to the left. These are just basic links to pages that contain more links of their own. Think of it as a a somewhat guided adventure into the unknown. :-)

I am not entirely sadistic, so I will give you a hint: the photo and music pages are of a more personal, "just for fun" nature, while the others are slightly more professional, so pick your poison. (The freshest poison is most easily accessed through the What's New page.)

As this is still a work in progress, I beg your patience and even your assistance if you are feeling editorial. Feel free to email me suggestions.


Last Updated December 15, 2001