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Advanced Technical Writing--English 405



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Evidence-based Medicine Paper

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This page will lead you to my projects, both completed and in progress, for English 405 (a.k.a. Advanced Technical Writing).

If for some reason you feel the urge to communicate with me (personal and professional motivations are equally welcome), you can reach me most reliably at my UWEC email account.

If you just want to know what the heck English 405 or Advanced Technical writing are, please feel free to drop by the handy site set up by Dennis Jerz, the mastermind and taskmaster behind this whole idea. (Oh yeah, he's the professor too...) I do feel the need to warn you that the site is set up primarily for students enrolled in this course and so if you are a random visitor, please bear this in mind. Without further ado, your link -- UWEC English 405: Official Page


Evidence-based Medicine: Defining Evidence: An academic paper exploring the rhetorical and social means of defining "evidence" in medical discourse, particularly among evidence-based medicine advocates, and the implications of these definitions.

Sokal Search: Annotated List of Links
This is the result of an internet search I did on Alan Sokal.  In short, Alan Sokal is a scientist who challenged the post-modern theories of the humanities through submitting an article to a peer-reviewed humanities journal.  This article was written to be a farce and expose the poor research and reasoning skills of the humanities.  What resulted was a highly controversial argument on not only these issues, but the integrity of peer-reviewed journals for both the editors and the authors.

Audience Writing Handout
This handout gives a brief introduction to the concept of tailoring writing to specific audiences.  The handout then provides examples of appropriate and inappropriate writing for a specified audience and demonstrates how the inappropriate example could very well be appropriate for an entirely different audience.  

Initiation Experience: a reaction to the stories of technical writers in the field as portrayed and collected by Gerald L. Savage and Dale L. Sullivan

Samurai Review: a reaction to the later stories in the Savage and Sullivan text, specifically focusing on the "Samurai Review."


Last Updated December 15, 2001