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UWEC (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)

As you may have guessed after wading through the run-on sentences on the home page, I have signed away my soul in blood to the music department of UWEC. The choral division has since made an effort to make my stay at this illustrious and thermally-challenged university memorable. I have had the unique opportunity of conjuring costumes from numerous decades using the infinite resources of Savers, Good-will, and Wal-mart, dressing in the highly flammable material acetate that was passed off as a formal gown for concerts, being trapped on a double-decker bus with people who found singing songs in tri-tones amusing, and narrowly escaping death by flattening by a fire truck in Wales.  

If you are interested in joining this masochistic group of people (who have also sung in Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, worked with the organ-master of Canterbury Cathedral, and performed some of the most beautiful music ever written), please depart from, and perhaps even return to, this momentary space of silliness by visiting the UWEC Music and Theater Arts page or even the UWEC Home page if you really want to get lost.

Musical Theater

For those of you interested in less classical forms of music, I would like to shamelessly promote some of my favorite musicals.  

Les Miserables is a cross between the operatic Brunhilda in her Viking horned helmet, classic social literature that over-achieving students pride themselves on actually finishing, and wonderful, emotionally stirring characters. 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a classic retelling of the biblical story utilizing the revered styles of disco, calypso, vaudeville, and others. Even people (especially children) who generally wouldn't pay to see women and men in too much make-up galloping around and occasionally bursting into song might enjoy this. 

RENT tickets should come with a warning label: Not for those easily shocked, offended, or disturbed by certain cultural controversies. For the very open-minded, it is a powerful two hours of tenderness, cynicism, hope, and revolution.


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