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Andy Exton
SHoRTY are a small, Lincoln based group of musicians dedicated to producing high quality music with an emphasis on lyrical and melodic content. Instantly commercial and deceptively simple, the music draws from many musical styles and influences. SHoRTY would like to spend their lives writing and producing music and are looking for a deal to enable them to do so.
Sean Exton
John Vernon

ANDY is a professional drummer and worked for many years gigging with live bands in the Lincoln area. Heís into song writing now and supplies the backing tracks as well as the lyrics which are delivered in his own distinctive style. While flattered by an appreciation of his voice Andy insists itís the songs that matter.

SEAN is Andy's brother. He works out chord sequences and riffs. Sometimes the guitar acts as the writing catalyst, sometimes Andy will start work on a sequencer and Sean will work from the backing track. It's a flexible arrangement. As all other instrumentation is provided by sequencers and synths, the guitars are vital to give the music a live, human feel.

JOHN mixes and produces the tracks, occasionally adding strings, extra keys or wierd stuff as the mood of the song dictates. He burns the CDs and supplies the art work, although he seems to spend most of his time in front of the computer screen tweeking virtual sliders and complaining about the software.