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Bloody Sakura

The title may be derivative, but I hope this page won't be! I intend to set up one of the biggest X/1999 sites around. This may overlap somewhat with the Ye Olde Anime Gallery site but I hope that it will be a lot bigger and better ^_^
If you hadn't already guessed, I'm Kachi-chan, and this is the first web page I'm setting up on my own without the guiding help of my friend Marc. Okay, so he doesn't do a lot of guiding, but never fact, he doesn't ever do any work and keeps telling me I've gone down 'the dark road of Shojo manga', but don't mind that either. I guess that this is enough of an introduction from me, so let me be the first to welcome you into 'Bloody Sakura'!

And one thing, can you please sign the guestbook? I've taken a long time over this site (and there's definitely more to come!) so it'd be nice if you'd just leave a message telling me what you think of it! Then, I can make any improvements. Thanks!
Also, I hate to say it, but, feel free to take any pictures. I got them from lots of different sites across the net (that reminds me, if I took one of yours tell me and I'll credit you and link to you, and sorry!) and I don't mind if anyone takes them. That even applies to the ones I had to bend the spines of my own books for *sob*

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The Main Characters

Kamui Shiro
Fuma Monou
Kotori Monou


The Chi no Ryu
The Ten no Ryu

Dead Characters

Toru Magami
Saya Monou

X Japan section (and lyrics!)

Pre-Raphaelites and Manga - a small thesis
Manga-by-Manga Synopsis
The Log
And, if you're brave, there's the Bloody Sakura e-mail too!

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