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Ye Olde Anime Gallery

Welcome to our online Anime Gallery. In here, we have many pictures from various Animes that Kachi has picked, because Marc's barely lifted a finger for this site -_-. Anyhow, weary traveller, enough with my moaning, read on to find out more...
We got supersizedTM to 50 megabytes - I never get round to drastically changing this, do I? - and are still under construction (we always are, don't expect anything but), but we are sill devoting ourselves to making this the best anime art archive on the net!! Angelfire still doesn't like me but I'll eventually bully them into shape*laughs*
Oh, and I'd like to thank the U.S. government, and the military in particular, for constantly visiting us. Every hit helps, guys!

And I guess it needs saying (since Marc failed the IQ test on this one) - you click on the door to enter...

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This page will always be in a constant state of change, the reason why is above (if you didn't read it, then shame on you!). But at least I'm better than Marc at this kind of stuff - programming and so on - because Gods know where we'd be if he was doing this!

It seems only right for me to warn you now that this page is quite MIDI heavy, so if you like the things, then turn on and turn up your speakers, and if you hate them, then I advise you to turn off the sound now...
This site has been designed for ease of use no matter what browser you have, but I don't think that the MIDIs will work on Netscape for the moment, I'm still learning the EMBED code, and need to learn how to turn the box invisible. I'm getting there though!

Right, so here's the technical stuff. So, every picture you see on this site is the property of its respective owner (Evangelion stuff belongs to Yoshiyuki Sadamato, Gainax, and anyone else that has a claim, BubbleGum Crisis stuff belongs to AnimEigo and its artist, and some parts belong to Adam Warren too, and Ranma belongs to Rumiko Takahashi (and whoever does the anime etc) and if you want the pictures can you please please please not take them from our site but go to the owners site and ask permission and take their pictures.

Rank me!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This is the Evangelion set of pages. Here you can check out about this amazing Anime title, a story of love, religion (at least I think it mentions it somewhere - Marc) and incomprehensible endings, created by Yoshiyuki Sadamato. Bear in mind that when I refer to some things, you may think "hey, that never happened in the Anime!" In that case, I'm generally talking about the Manga, and I'll try to list when I'm doing that.

Our Adopted Pet

Adopt a kawaii dragon-cat here!. We have two now - the other one being on our fanart pages. Isn't he cute? I had a name for him but it's escaped me. So go on, adopt one!

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 image gallery. Drop by to have a peek at characters such as Ranma, Ran-Chan, Ryouga, Akane and others in this funny, if very strange Manga, created the amazing mangaka Rumiko Takahashi.