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The William Choate Family

This photo is c1914 photo of William and Dicie Catherine Huddleston Choate (seated) with their children: standing back row l. to r. Lawrence Arthur Choate, Dora Choate (Grayham), Helen Choate (Boaz), Ethel Choate (Lane), Albert Choate; girls between their parents are (standing) Florence Choate (Summers) and (sitting, and as she told me, not happy because they wanted her to wear her shoes and would not let her have her cat for the photo) Lois Choate (Rowlett). This picture was taken at the Choate home in Gamaliel, which was located on the west side of 101 at the intersection of Fouts Road (County Road 42). So, of those pictured, three are buried at Fluty Cemetery: W. F. Choate, Dicie Choate, and Albert Choate; Lois Choate Rowlett is still living and was at the reunion in Gamaliel, June 2001 (age 90); the others are all buried at Bean Cemetary in Gamaliel.

William Franklin Choate was born in Macon County, Kentucky. He married Dicie Catherine Huddleston and they had the seven children shown above. Emma Payne (born Valley Springs, Boone Co., AR) was the sister of Dicie, both of them children of Abraham Huddleston (born Thomasville, Oregon Co, MO) and Martha Huddleston, who are buried there at Fluty. Emma Huddleston Payne and husband, Kelly Payne, are buried at Fluty Cemetery as well. Albert Choate (born Gamaliel, AR) was the son of William Franklin Choate and Dicie Choate, and the story is that he developed blood poisoning after cutting his leg with an axe.

Letter from Dicie Catherine Huddleston Choate, dated Sept 8, 1960, to Mabel (Myles) regarding her mother: I don't know of any of Ma's people now. Tho was in touch with her brother's wife after Ma died. Her brother had died a short time before she did. Bun wrote to one of Uncle Tom's girls awhile but don't know where she is now. I can tell you a few things. Her name was Martha Medora Morse. She was born 1/25/1854 in Murry, Calaway Co., Ky. She had one brother Tom. A sister Josie. Her father died when she was about 7 yrs. Her Mother married a man named Curd, then her mother died when she was about 10 years and her step father married again, so she, her brother and sister was raised by stepparents and Ma told me they was as good to them as their own children. Pa went to KY, they were married in 1874. I was born in 1875. When I was about a yr. old Pa decided he wanted to go back to MO where he was raised. The big Plantation belonged to Ma, her brother Tom and sister Josie. So Curd give them each a wagon and team and some money. Pa took Ma's wagon, team and money and went back to MO. I don't know just where all the others went but all left Ky. I know Uncle Tom was at Joplin awhile and Aunt Josie visited us while we lived at Thayer, MO, but I don't know where they went from there, but Uncle Tom's family went back to KY. Guess all of them had a hard time when they left the old Plantation, for they were aristacrats. Had never had to work at anything for they had servants to do everything. Ma never did go back or collect the balance due her, for her part of the old Plantation. He gave her a note for $100 dated 1876. I still have the note among the small things my Mother gave me. $100 with interest 84 years would amount to a lot of money if it could be collected, which it cannot be as it was not secured by mortgage or security. Florence's oldest girl lives in KY her husband is a traveling salesman. She told me last week there was several checks in his accounts where he had sold things to people named Curd. The Curds still live in and around Murry, KY. But she didn't know anyone named Morse. As there was only one boy in the family, guess the name has died out."

1870 Census of Kentucky, Calloway Co., Murray Twsp p 83-84:

  • Curd, Charles age 66 M W Farmer $5000/$1000 born Kentucky
  • Curd, Catherine age 44 F W Keeping house born Tennessee
  • Morse, Medora age 16 F W at home
  • Morse, Thomas E. age 14 M W Farm Labour
  • Pick, Christiana age 12 F W at home
  • Pick, Mattison age 10 M W at home

    1920 census of Bayou Township, Baxter County, Arkansas:

  • Choate, William age 56 born KY / MWM / father born KY/mother born TN / farmer
  • Choate, Catherine D (wife) age 45 born KY / MWF / father born MO/mother born KY
  • Choate, Dora ?S (daughter) age 25 AR / SWF / father/mother born KY
  • Choate, Hellen E (daughter) age 21 AR / SWF / father/mother born KY
  • Choate, Freddie E (daughter) age 19 AR / SWF / father/mother born KY
  • Choate, Albert F (Son) age 16 AR / SWM / father/mother born KY
  • Choate, Laurance (son) age 13 AR / SWM / father/mother born KY
  • Choate, Florence A (daughter) age 11 AR / SWF / father/mother born KY
  • Choate, Lois (daughter) age 9 AR / SWF / father/mother born KY (This family enumerated #105/105

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