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The Families of Fluty Cemetery, Bennett Bayou, Baxter County, Arkansas

This internet site is under construction. It will eventually include as much biographical and genealogical information as I can acquire on the families buried in the Fluty Cemetery, Bennett Bayou Township, Baxter County, Arkansas (which was once Izard and then Fulton County).

Some of the families for which I have started gathering information include:

  • The Britt Family
  • The Edward Brown Family
  • The Mathew Brown Family
  • The Choate Family
  • The Cropper Family
  • The Davis Family
  • The Fluty Family
  • The Hall Family
  • The Huddleston Family
  • The Lankford Family
  • The Mabery Family
  • The Reed Family
  • The Stiner Family
  • The Teverbaugh Family
  • The Thompson Family
  • The Wells Family
  • The White Family

    Additional Information:

  • Vidette Area History

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