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(tF) Standards

1). The Fellowship requests highly skilled members, naturally. But more importantly, we challenge members with good personality and develop good relationships in the game. So therefore we accept players with great skill as well as a great in game and out of game personality and lifestyle.

2.  The rules for our clan are simple. Live right, choose right, do right. And you'll be treated right. We are a close knit group of people and haven't yet had trouble with attitudes. The clan, however, has two "founders" if you will, and they have a say-so in punishment. We also have three on what we like to call a "council". They vote and make decisions and present them to the founders and together the five make a decision regarding punishment, server problems, etc.

3. Although a wonderfully put together group of players, we MIGHT have problems. *Gasp* In that case punishments have been reserved for certain circumstances. Team killing in a circumstance where team killing shouldn't take place is not allowed. Now we all know sometimes people get in to goof off and kill around, and that is acceptable. But know your limits.  Obsessive spamming, abnormal mouthing, rude behavior and having another base clan will not be permitted. If you have a problem, take it to observer. And always be respectful to your clan mates, as well as members of other clans.

4. And last but not least, follow all of the rules! Problems will be solved as they arise, which we hope isn't often. Most importantly, have fun. You only live once! Thanks for reading the rules and regulations for clan (tF).





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