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  Clan TF*

January 30th, 2002   |    TF*Vocation

Hello! How is everything today! :) Great for the new's continuing to grow. Thanks for your participation in this event...we at "The Fellowship" appreciate it much. Have a good day!

January 29th, 2002   |    TF*Vocation

Well the website is coming along quite nicely.  The forum will be active shortly, as well as all the links on the left.  More images are in the process of being made, so the site will looked "spiced up" if you will. That's what we're all about! Thanks for your patience as the site continues it's construction. See ya later!

January 28th, 2002   |    TF*Vocation

Welcome to the TF* website! The Fellowship is a very new base clan developed by experienced HaVoC players.  Our goal is to exceed the limitations so many clans have set before them, and become a group of friends who become lethal when challenged in the game.  And that is what we hope to do! We thank you for your visit, and don't forget to come back very soon.  Time takes care of all things, and so it is with the design of this website. I say it will be up by next week. Thanks again for your time! Have a good day.










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